Xbox 720 vs PS4: Technical Specifications Leaked, Which Is More Powerful?

Xbox 720 vs PS4, which is better?With Nintendo’s recently released next-generation Wii U console doing worse than initially expected, most members of the gaming community have shifted their gaze toward Microsoft and Sony as they prepare to unveil their own next-generation consoles within the months to come. While there isn’t a plethora of information available concerning Microsoft and Sony’s latest gaming creations, a new report from VG247 reveals some interesting technical information they obtained from “developer sources” after this year’s CES.

The fourth PlayStation (PS4), allegedly codenamed Orbis, is apparently capable of running at 1.84 teraflops – a teraflop is a unit used to measure computing speed and is “equal to ‘one million million’ floating-point operations per second”. On the other hand, the next-generation Xbox, codenamed Durango and unofficially dubbed the Xbox 720, will supposedly operate at 1.23 teraflops.

If Vg247′s information is accurate, the PS4 will have a roughly 50% “raw, computational power advantage” over the Xbox 720, which, needless to say, is substantial.

Fortunately for Microsoft, Sony’s PlayStation 4 console won’t take the gold in every technical playing field, as sources suggest the PS4 will come equipped with 4GB of RAM (3GB of which will be dedicated to gaming). This is where Microsoft really has the upper hand, the Xbox 720 is said to sport 8GB of RAM with – depending on which rumors you chose to believe – between 4-7GB reserved for gaming.

While this isn’t VG247′s first time leaking information and initiating rumors, according to a contradicting report from Now Gamer, both systems will be capable operating at 3.2 teraflops. In theory, if Now Gamer’s intel is accurate, the two consoles should offer equal performance, right? Wrong. The Xbox 720′s internal architecture is far superior in comparison to the PS4′s, allowing for three SOCs (System On Chip), effectively boosting its actual performance to 4.2 teraflops.

One console will offer superior performance. The question now is, which one? Stay tuned for complete coverage on any and all relevant and substantial rumors pertaining to Microsoft and Sony’s forthcoming Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4.

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  • Hamed Samadi

    I hope Sony Uses These Specs for PS4

    2 Way SLI GTX 690 , 64GB DDR3 2400mhz Ram , CPU INTEL CORE I7 3960 EXTREME EDITION , 10TB SSD’s ,

    • ArvoAnimi

      this one’s optimistic… sorry, got a radiohead song in my head, but hey! it fits your comment!

  • Angel Solis

    Such bs the ps4 is performing 8-16 gb of rams, which therefore would beat tge Xbox 720 and its called the ps orbiz because Japan has this superstition on the number 4

    • Tanner Marsh

      And your sources are…? According to recent reports, the PS4 will be equipped with 4GB of RAM.

  • Juan Chavez

    How many teraflops does the original xbox 360 have?

    • Surgi

      Xbox360 has a reputed computing power of 1 Teraflop, while the ps3 has (supposedly) 2 teraflops. To be perfectly honest the “flop” count of the console is fairly inept as far as measuring performance goes. I mean higher numbers are better, but it’s like the Windows User Experience, its a meaningless performance indicator. Synergy between components and the way games utilise the processors are much more influential on how the console performs.

      • Tanner Marsh

        The original Xbox operates at 7.3 Gigaflops, whereas the Xbox 360 pulls in 355 Gigaflops (not even a Teraflop). While the PS3 is said to perform at a total of ~1.8 Teraflops, it’s been suggested that the floating point capability of the RSX GPU in the PS3 has been inflated. CC/@facebook-100002703901210:disqus

  • Christopher Keomany

    Dont be biased…

    • Tanner Marsh

      I’m not…

      • Angel Solis

        Yea u are!

        • Surgi

          No he isn’t, you’re stupid. Do you people actually know how to read? He is commenting on the architecture and raw processing power. Pretty hard to be biased.

  • Gavin

    i really hope it dosn’t end up being called Xbox 720 just sounds like a terrible name

    • Tanner Marsh

      We recently learned that Microsoft registered There’s a good chance it could be officially dubbed the Xbox Infinity/8.