WWDC 2013, iOS 7 Jailbreak Utilities, OS X 10.9, iWatch Rumors & More

Welcome to the hundred-and-forty-third episode of my series entitled BestTechInfo and Rumors!

In this episode I discuss Apple’s upcoming World Wide Developers Conference 2013, iOS 7, the rumored iWatch, OS  10.9, the future of Jailbreaking and more.

Links to the topics in this episode:

1. Jailbreak 6.1.3 Untethered Status, 6.1.4 iPhone 5 Exclusive, iOS 7 Release & More

2. Apple Prepares Moscone Center For WWDC, ‘Where A Whole New World Is Developing’

3. Simplistic iOS 7 And OS X Banners Go Up At Moscone Ahead Of WWDC

4. Apple Begins Filing ‘iWatch’ Trademarks, It’s All But Official

5. Official iOS 6.1.3 Semi Untethered Jailbreak For Older iDevices

Question of the day – Are you excited for iOS 7 and OS 10.9?

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  • Calorespañol

    in this Fall

  • Brit98Jason

    Is Monday,June 10th the official release date for iOS 7?

  • Sebastian

    When are they going to release the hardware update of the retina MacBook Pro?