Windows 8 Tablet Demonstration [VIDEO]

Joanna Stern from This Is My Next (The Verge) showed us some of the features of the Windows 8 Samsung tablet at today’s BUILD conference.

Here’s the video overview:

Despite the tablet’s fast boot time and never before seen features, the reporters from This Is My Next noticed that the tablet’s built-in fans are too loud and it takes too long to wake the tablet up:

However, fan noise is very noticeable, as is the heat coming out of the top vent, and a fast boot doesn’t excuse the slow wake-up times compared to ARM-based cellphones and tablets.

After watching the video, let us know what you think in the comment section!

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  • Faregran

    It’s clear to me: right now, tablets are for leisure. Microsoft is adapting Windows to the new interface standards, leting Windows recover part of the leisure market, but the true strength on Windows is productivity, and a tablet prepared for productivity sill need more power than actual ones (iOS, Android) and will be heater. Has an actual tablet have support for as many protocols than Windows? -thinking about working groups, multi-session, file sharing…

    Said that, one of the issues Windows had on the last versions is compatibility. Ensuring that has always made new Windows heavier than other OS, specially while Microsoft invent new technologies like .NET and forces the Windows team to include them…

    Said that, I dream with a merge of the all-in-one desktop computers and the tablets, where I’ll have a powerful desktop computer, with its productivity peripherals -keyboard, mouse, digitalizer tablet, etc-, that I can carry myself as a tablet when visiting customers or staying on the sofa. It’s possible that MS is thinking about the same -no tablet fits there right now.

  • Utkarsh Chheda

    the video it self showed how it is responding… this release is goinna kill it. the touch of the device was very bad… that guy had to touch many times to get the device to respond.