The Latest Version Of Xcode Includes Support For Quad-Core ARM Processors

According to Ars Technica, the source code for the latest version of the LLVM-based default compiler within Xcode is programmed to support Marvell’s Armada XP processor. For those of you that don’t know, the Armada XP processor is 1.6GHz mobile quad-core processor that’s optimized to consume low power.

Even if Apple doesn’t include an A6 processor in the iPad 3 and the very far-off iPhone 6, this bit of information indicates that Apple will at least test the processor for with iDevices and Macs:

Last, and most probable in our opinion, is that Apple is using the Marvell chip in prototypes of future iOS device designs (or even an ARM-based MacBook Air that is rumored to exist somewhere inside One Infinite Loop) for testing purposes. An Armada XP-powered prototype logic board would allow iOS or Mac OS X software engineers to experiment with performance tuning and other optimizations, while Apple’s hardware design team—comprised largely of former PA Semi and Intrinsity engineers—could continue working on a possible quad-core ARM design to be manufactured somewhere down the road.

Until there’s more information on Apple’s mobile quad-core processor (presumably the A6), stay tuned for other Apple related news and rumors!

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