The iPhone 5 Will Be Released On October 14th [REPORT]

According to BGR, Friday, October 14th is the official release date for the highly anticipated iPhone 5 and its release will be preceded by the unveiling event on October 4th:

Apple will launch its next-generation iPhone 5 in five initial markets on October 14th according to a new report from Macotakara. The site, which has a mixed track record, reports that Apple will release the new device in the United States, the U.K., Germany, Japan and France on that date, with launches in additional markets to follow. The date aligns closely with earlier comments from France Telecom CEO Stéphane Richard, who said the iPhone 5 would launch from Orange on October 15th, a Saturday.

This report most likely has some validity to it considering that in the past, Apple has released new iPhone models at least one to two weeks after announcing them.

In addition, another report from BGR cites trusted sources at AT&T that informed them about the company’s vacation block for mid-October:

With reports circling that Apple’s next iPhone is due to launch on October 14th, BGR has received new information from a trusted AT&T source that seems to confirm a mid-October launch. AT&T has started to block all employee vacation requests for the first two weeks of October in order to have “all hands on deck.”

With that said, stay tuned for full coverage on Apple’s upcoming October 4th iPhone event!

  • Christopherlone

    When is IOS 5 out?

  • Anonymous

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  • Mike

    so when will we be able to pre order the phone before its realease date.

    • Tanner Marsh

      Most likely within a day of the event!

  • Serj

    What about iOS 5? The same day or before?

  • Utkarsh Chheda

    shocking news… i so belived it to be the 5th as it is 5th gen of Iphone… it does make sense

    • Tanner Marsh

      What do you mean?

      • Rob

        I think he means that the iphone could come on the 5th since its the 5th generation of the iphone!

      • fanaticgadget

        Think he means he thought the event would be on the 5th since its the 5th Gen iphone