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Some German Customers Have Already Received Their iPhone 4S

According to MacRumors, iPhone 4S pre-order units have started arriving to customers in Germany. In MacRumors’ report, they cite as a source and they received a picture (embedded above) from a lucky Apple customer in germany who has received their iPhone 4S days ahead of the device’s official launch!


New iPhone 4S Hands On Video Shows Early Benchmark Speeds And Siri

Someone from got ahold of an iPhone 4S ahead of the device’s release date. The person who’s in possession of the unreleased iPhone 4S put together a video that demonstrates early benchmark speed tests. They also showed Siri and the new settings interface for Siri which will allow users…

BigBoss Announced Huge Changes That Will Come To SBSettings For iOS 5

A few weeks ago, BigBoss released a new SBSettings update for testing purposes on their beta repo. Today officials from BigBoss announced the changes that are coming to SBSettings in the next major public release and they updated the pre-release version on their beta repo: I have a lot of…