It’s Been Confirmed, Siri Will Only Work On The iPhone 4S

When Apple announced that the iPhone 4S will feature Siri, a new and very impressive personal assistant, people instantly started to wonder whether or not it could run on older iDevices. The short answer is no. However, iH8sn0w and Gojohnnyboi (two iOS hackers) looked into the matter further, they were…


iPhone 4S Camera: In-Depth Overview And Photo Samples

After Apple announced their upcoming iPhone 4S at yesterday’s October 4th event in Cupertino, a lot of people started to question whether or not the device’s camera was really as powerful as Apple had claimed. The short answer is yes, it’s everything Apple promised and then some: The iPhone 4S…


Apple Releases iOS 5 GM Ahead Of The iPhone 4S

It’s no surprise that Apple would release iOS 5 GM (Gold Master) before October 14th, the iPhone 4S’ release date. For those of you that don’t know, Apple always seeds the GM version of their software before the actual release to filter out any and all remaining bugs that developers…