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AT&T Vice President Supposedly Confirms October iPhone 5 Launch

According to BGR’s “high-level sources” at AT&T, the iPhone 5 will be available to customers in early October. They claim that high-up AT&T employees told managers to prepare their stores for a “really, really busy” iPhone 5 release: One of our high-level AT&T sources just informed us that an AT&T…


Apple Slows Down iPhone Production Due To Economic Concerns

About a week ago, Digitimes reported that Apple was planning on manufacturing roughly 56 million iPhone units (this number includes the unreleased iPhone 5) for the third and fourth quarter of 2011. Digitimes now claims that Apple has scaled down iPhone production for the second half of 2011 due to economic concerns:


Alleged iPhone 5 Screen Production Picture Leaked

This is the closest we’ve been to seeing a leaked iPhone 5 and although it’s legitimacy cannot be confirmed, this image has been leaked from the Wintek touchscreen manufacturing plant. For those of you that don’t know, Wintek is one of the companies that’s been manufacturing iPhone 4 screens since it’s…


Apple Aborts iPad 3 Release Due To Display Issues

According to a recent Digitimes report, Apple’s plan to release a new iPad this fall has been aborted due to issues with the “Retina Display”. Due to the screen and resolution issues, Apple has apparently discontinued their next-generation iPad production orders.

Official Steve Jobs Biography Will Hit Bookshelves This November

Well known publisher Barnes & Noble will be releasing an approved biography about Apple’s famous CEO, Steve Jobs. Barnes & Nobles originally planned on publishing the book on March 23rd but, now we will be able to get our hands on the book a few months earlier (the new release…


Apple Is Testing A 4G LTE Compatible iPhone

Smartphones have been equipped with 4G (LTE) components for some time now – needless to say, Apple has been reluctant to jump on the LTE bandwagon because the technology hasn’t been around long enough. Back in 2007, Apple made a similar move when they released the first iPhone with only…