iPad 3 Parts Leaked, an Apple-based Taiwanese forum, leaked what looks like an iPad 3 or iPad HD part into the wild. The part is labeled with “821-1259-06″ and appears to be a dock connector with a ribbon cable attached to it. It’s interesting that this ribbon cable makes a 90-degree turn as…


Microsoft Unveiled Four Mango Phones At Today’s Worldwide Partner Conference

Microssoft has just announced 4 new Windows phones all running Mango. The four different phones are manufactured by Samsung, Fujitsu, Acer and ZTE – they were announced at Microsoft’s usually uneventful Worldwide Partner Conference. Obviously none of these phones are iPhone-killers – but, check out the video after the jump:


How To Jailbreak 5.0 Beta 3

According to MuscleNerd, iOS 5 b3 can be Jailbroken using the same method that was used for iOS 5 b1 and b2. Instructions to Jailbreak iOS 5 b3 have been cross posted from this tutorial:


How To Jailbreak iOS 5 Beta 2 [VIDEO]

iOS 5 beta 2 was seeded to developers today – and MuscleNerd has confirmed that it can be Jailbroken via the same steps used to Jailbreak Apple’s iOS 5 beta 1 firmware. Check out the full tutorial and video instructions after the jump.

Revised Playstation 3 Model Confirmed

  Sony’s Japanese headquarters has officially announced a revised Playstation 3 Slim model. The console’s updated hardware is more energy efficient, weighs even less than before, and comes with stronger copy right protection.