iPhone 5

New iPhone 5 and iPad Mini 8 pin Dock Connector

Supposed Next-Generation iPhone 5 And iPad Mini Dock Connector Ports Leaked

Recently, the next-generation iPhone and the rumored “iPad Mini” have been the topic of discussion related to Apple news. One of the more interesting rumors involves Apple’s proprietary dock connector. All previous and current generations of iOS-based devices have featured a 30-pin connector. However, this year, it’s rumored that Apple…

iPhone 5 part leaks

iPhone 5 Logic Board Leaked By Credible Source

According to Nowhereelse, a Chinese forum by the name of WeiPhone has leaked two pictures of what they’re claiming to be the “iPhone 5′s” logic board. A key component in the iPhone, the logic board connects the processor and other chips that enable the device to properly function.

new leaked iPhone 5 parts

Detailed Comparison Of Newly Leaked iPhone 5 Parts

Following numerous “iPhone 5″ part leaks (including the proposed SIM tray, home button and, more recently, information pertaining to a smaller “9pin” dock connector), Nowhereelse has recently posted comparison charts of alleged “iPhone 5″ parts and corresponding parts from its predecessors.