HP Quits The PC Business And They Will Shut Down WebOS

According to The Wall Street Journal, HP (formally known as Hewlett-Packard) is about to announce that they will spin off their personal computer business (not including praters, storage and networking devices). In a recently released statement from BusinessWire, HP has officially confirmed that their board members have authorized: “the exploration of…

Apple Might Be Designing A New Elegant Store With A Glass Ceiling

This isn’t another knock-off Apple Store, it’s the real deal, Apple is constructing a new store along the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California. The building is designed to have a 8,084-square-foot main level, a 5,210-sqaure-foot basement and a lot of wooden tables! The store’s street-front and ceiling will…


Another Fake Apple Store Is Exposed

Another fake Apple Store has been spotted and has made its way to the internet. This time the store is as real as it gets, maybe not as prestige as the Apple Store in Shanghai (pictured above), but the counterfeit store is still impressive.


Apple Was Extremely Close To Releasing A 3G Capable MacBook Pro

Since the release of the original 3G capable iPad, enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting a 3G (or 4G) capable MacBook Pro. What’s surprising is that in 2008, Steve Jobs (Apple’s cofounder and CEO) told USAToday that they weren’t ready to release a 3G capable MacBook Pro because they didn’t want…

Shareholders Push Nintendo To Create iPhone And iPad Games

Rumor has it that Nintendo might begin to produce titles for iOS devices. Many of Nintendo’s shareholders actually think it’s a great idea and suggested it due to the rapidly growing iDevice community: Nintendo should try to either buy its way into this platform (smartphones) or develop something totally new.