Sharp Allegedly Slowing iPad Display Production, Consumer Interest Shifts To iPad Mini

New 4th Gen iPad retina Display productionAccording to a new report from Reuters, Sharp (one of Apple’s paramount mobile display manufacturing partners) has supposedly decelerated production of full-sized iPad displays at one of their plants. While sources didn’t go into great detail on the manufacturing cut, it’s likely justified by both a consumer interest shift to the smaller, lighter iPad mini tablet and the inevitable lull that succeeds the yearly holiday shopping season.

Furthermore, Apple also receives mobile displays from other big technology players like Samsung and LG. Additional sources revealed that neither of the other two major display manufacturers are slowing production of iPad displays.

We’re not certain whether the sources were referring to Retina iPad display, non-Retina displays for the older, discounted iPad 2 or a combination of both. It’s possible that Apple is simply in the process of phasing out the now-three generation outdated tablet prior to a rumored March launch for the fifth-generagtion iPad.

Stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple and both their iPad and iPad mini tablets.

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  • Kevin Fischer

    Not being rude I just wanted to point out nom in “nom-Retina”

    • Tanner Marsh

      Yes, we’re aware. It slipped passed our editing and took a while to update due to caching. Thanks for the heads-up though, it should now read “non-Retina” for everyone :D