How To Share Files Between Macs Using A Hidden iCloud Feature

This tutorial will teach you how to use a hidden iCloud feature to share files between two Macs in just a few simple steps.

Steps (Mac only):

1. Log into the same iCloud account on the two Macs
2. Go to the iCloud settings inside of System Preferences and enable “Documents & Data”

3. Open a Finder window and then click on “Go” (it’s the fifth drop down menu from the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen) and then select “Go to Folder” – Alternatively, you can open a finder window and press the following key combination simultaneously ⇧ (Shift) + ⌘ (Command) + G

4. In the “Go to folder field” type the following: ~/Library/

5. Go to the “Mobile Documents” folder

6. Add your own folders and or files to the “Mobile Documents” folder and you’ll see them appear in the same place on your other Macs that are logged into the same iCloud account

Have fun easily sharing files between Macs and stay tuned for more helpful tutorials!

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