Saurik ‘Jailbreaks’ Google Glass To Achieve Root Access

Root Jailbreak Google GlassGoogle Glass will inevitably be the stepping stone for the next generation of post-PC devices, and the gateway product for an entirely new and unexplored product group: wearable “smart” devices. Glass reportedly interfaces with smartphone in a seamless manner and allows users to accomplish basic tasks such as respond to messages, search the web and obtain directions without the need to interface with their smartphones. As most of my readers and viewers already know, I was chosen by Google some time ago to participate in their Google Glass Explorer program.

Prior to releasing Glass to the general public, Google decided to hold an open “contest” in which users would submit brief #ifihadglass applications. If individuals were selected to participate, Google promised to contact the winners and allow them to purchase a pre-release version of Glass. Certain “Explorers” and developers who signed up at Google I/O 2012 to purchase a similar pre-release iteration of Glass are already receiving their units in “waves” – Google, to my knowledge, has yet to send details to those who were chosen through the company’s #ifihadglass application program.

This brings me to my next point, Jay Freeman (also known as Saurik, the genius hacker and developer behind Cydia for Jailbroken iDevices) signed up to receive Glass during last year’s I/O conference. Although that alone isn’t news worthy, what Saurik inevitably discovered is.

Upon receiving Glass, Saurik immediately began fiddling with the device, enabling adb (Android Debugging mode) through the Settings menu, much to the two “Glass Guides’,” who were instructed to help developers familiarize themselves with Glass, dismay.

After additional fiddling and research, Saurik learned of a previously discovered exploit for Android that could potentially result in achieving root access on any Android device powered by 4.0.x, Glass runs 4.0.4. Once root access is achieved, a device is essentially “jailbroken” and is capable of bypassing various software limitations and can install normally restricted third-party modifications.

Once Saurik reached this point, he went to work and was able to fully root Glass with only the official Android SDK, the payload exploit that requires adb mode and SuperUser (commonly referred to as su).

For simplicity’s sake, Saurik has successfully rooted Glass prior to the devices release. If you’re at all interested in the steps required to root Glass, you can find them outlined in great length in Saurik’s original article.

Although when most think of “Jailbreaking,” they immediately associate the term with iOS and iDevices, it also extends to the process of achieving root access on practically any device. With such an advanced and seemingly futuristic device having already been hacked and manipulated to enable the user access to the OS, this type of news excites a number of tech-savy individuals, myself included, as to what the future holds for new devices and mobile hacking. Stay tuned for complete coverage on Google Glass once I receive my post-release unit in the weeks to come.

Featured Image via The Verge

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  • jared reabow

    is it no kind of stupid to announce he has rooted the device because all it means is google has heads up and can how work to get rid of root access

    • Tanner Marsh

      Yes and no. While Google might do something (such as update the firmware) to patch it, they’re not like Apple in the sense that it becomes their main priority.