NEW Jailbreak 5.0.1 Untethered iPhone 4,3Gs,iPod Touch 4,3,iPad Redsn0w

This post will walk you through the simple steps required to Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 (UNTETHERED) and the best part is that thanks to the new utilities, you can be Jailbroken in a matter of minutes!

Steps (for Mac and PC users who aren’t Jailbroken already):

1. Download Redsn0w from the download section below and run it

  • If you’re on Windows Vista or Windows 7 then you should right click Redsn0w and set compatibility to windows XP (service pack 2) and then run it as the administrator

2. Hit “Jailbreak” and enter DFU mode by following these easy steps:

a. Hold down the power button for 3 seconds
b. Continue holding the power button and start holding the home button and continue HOLDING BOTH for 10 seconds
c. Let go of power and continue holding home button until Redsn0w starts to exploit your device

3. Select install Cydia and any other options you want (except “Install custom bundles”)

4. Wait for it to finish and reboot (the video shows how long the process takes)

You now have an untethered Jailbreak on iOS 5.0.1!

Steps (for users who already have a TETHERED Jailbreak):

  • Open the Cydia app on your tethered jailbroken device**
  • Search for “Corona”
  • Hit the “Install” button (as shown in the screen grab below)
Untethered Jailbreak corona
Steps for Corona and the above image are thanks to The Chronic Dev Team


Redsn0w 0.9.10b4 for Mac
Redsn0w 0.9.10b4 for Windows

Click here to be taken to my video tutorial on YouTube

Stay tuned for future Jailbreak tutorials!

Devices it works for:
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPod Touch 3G
iPod Touch 4G
iPad 1
Devices it Doesn’t work for:
iPhone 4S
iPad 2
iPod touch 1G/2G (firmware not supported)
iPhone 2G/3G (firmware not supported)

Owner and webmaster of Jailbreak Tech Info. Tanner is also a professional Jailbreak tutorial writer, the main reporter for Jailbreak Tech Info and owner of the YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice. Feel free to shoot him an email at with any questions or comments.

  • Vaggelis Nikolaidis

    hi!i have iphone 4s with ios 6.0.1!how can i jailbrake????

  • leo

    you have to download it off the internet and if cydia it does not show up just jailbrak it again

  • laurina

    It gets stuck when the reboot part comes up

  • hasan

    if i jailbreak my iphone will it result in my unlocked iphone getting locked?

  • Partykoozie

    I tried it and now my iPhone won’t Turn on at all.  I did everything as you said and then it said error right before you release the home button to let jailbreak start to install.  How do I get my phone to turn back on?! ahhh

  • mr Chris

    my cydia is a weird white/gray app that wont open up.  what do i do?

  • Geraldroberts70

    does the baseband stay the same?

  • Phillipbrockman859

    i click download and it is not redsnow

  • Unknown

    can someone suck my dick?

  • Saiad1968

    I did every thing up , but I did not find the cydia on my Iphone 3 Gs
    some body help me , Please…

  • agaik1

    Do I need to be in 5.0.1 before starting the jailbreak process or can I jailbreak my iphone from 4.3 (not jailbroken) to 5.0.1 streight away? 

  • Mebaeballboy11


  • Neosouleskimo

    Hey thanks for the tutorial, jailbroke just fine!!

    Having an issue afterwards though, after I’ve installed sbsettings and then winterboard, my iPhone 4 iOS 5.1 stays on for 5 seconds, then turns off for 5 seconds…this loop continues until I let the battery run out. If I swipe to unlock everything seems to be intact but again-shuts off after 5 seconds. Have anyone encountered this before and have ideas on how to fix this?

    • Emerickcool1

      yes that happend to me need help fixing it

    • Will Mannering

      yes that happened to me too. if your on 5.1 tethered than you can just do the boot tethered mode on redsn0w but if that doesn’t work you’ll have to restore your iPhone.the just boot tethered mode did not work for me and i ended up having to restore 

  • Yogi

    IS their any way to unlock Iphone 4 with firmware 4.11.08…plz

  • Yozen

    thanks a lot bro i got it..

  • Rahilrocks9

    when the writing part comes on on ipod.. it has been the same.. i mean its frozen for more than 1 day,!!
    what shall i do???

    • Anonymousmonkey

      go on your computer and open itunes, then plug in the ipod to the computer, then click “restore” and then it will be set back to the way yo got it when you bought the ipod. keep in mind that any saved data on your ipod will be wiped, unless you backed up the ipod before you started jailbreaking.

  • Martin

    Redsn0w does not open

  • Im Rroy

    I’m tryna restore and jailbreak at the same time. Do you think that’s possible? I have iPhone 4 5.0.1.

    • Im Rroy

      I keep getting error 11 on my iTunes. Somebody help me?

  • AreFlame

    Guys, to get the jailbreak process working dont pull out the device from computer until jailbreak is done

  • Wathuwant

    what beta version is the best?

  • Unknown

    Downgraded form IOS 5.1 to 5.0.1 and Jailbroke it. Thank you.

  • Unhappy_Jailbreaker

    My friend jailbroked his iPod 4G with iOS5.1, with this tutorial.
    It worked.
    My iPod 4G with iOS5.1 doesn’t work…
    After the “Waiting for reboot” it says:
    Unrecognized build.
    Fingerprint: 1e4551fb49d1fef31b288c03b8ab4786
    Please check whether you have the latest version of redsn0w and whether this iOS version is supported yet.
    NOTE: You can manually specify which build to use by going to “Extras->Select IPSW” (sometimes you can use this trick and just use the latest supported build to for your device).

    I also tried with redsn0w 0.9.10b6, but there it says at start:
    Certain operations (like the A5 jailbreak) are disabled due to complete iTunes libraries. Please be sure the latest iTunes is installed.
    Couldn’t oad Mobiledevice.dll
    And the 0.9.10b6 thinks my iPod isn’t in DFU mode (Though it 100% is)
    No device detected. You probably misunderstood the instructions.
    Please consult Google or YouTube for instructions on how to enter DFU mode.

    Help? I want to jailbreak my iPod, regardless is it Tethered or Untethered.

  • Zakkstaton

    helps if you restore your device and start fresh before you jailbreak

  • Zakkstaton

    noting is appearing for corona in cydia. i even search corona 5.0.5 unther and nothing shows up. what do i do? the jailbreak didnt work as untethered so im trying to find corona

  • zohaib

    very nice.. thanks alot… 

  • Jc

    gets frozed in waiting for reboot

  • Amber8797

    my iphone 4 isnt going into DFU mode please help

  • Patrickholcomb76

    i click on the link that says Redsn0w 0.9.10b4 for windows, but it has 2 downloads (the PDF and the file share) which one do i download? if i dont then WHAT DO I DO! and yes i did subcribe.

  • Jayscruz4978

    thanks! very helpful

  • Pivot2000productions

    It isn;t working it keeps saying
    The Requested Modifications Cannot Be Applied Due to Required Dependencies”?
    like WTF?

  • yourmom22


  • beautiful shit

    i did exactly what u said but the icon of cydia on my screen didn’t appearr plzzz helpppppppp

  • im a sexy shit

    who has a bigbuthole

  • shitfacedickmaster

    its stuck when it says booting

  • shitfacedickmaster

    its stuck when it says booting

  • Andess_14

     its need ipws?

  • Ben

    Whenever I try to jailbreakk it, it says “WAITING FOR REBOOT”, even when my ipod has rebooted. plz help

  • Immyjhetam

    Never mind, I just held down the home and off button at the same time. Sorry for my trouble

  • SquirrelOnToast

    What are you supposed to do if it is stuck on the grey text thing with errors?

  • Mary

    Okay, well I got a tethered jailbreak to work (ugh) but I guess at this point, I’ll take what I can get. I tried installing Corona 5.0.1 untethered, but that didn’t work either. I give up!!!

  • Mary

    I’ve tried this many many times and still cannot get it to work. It keeps getting stuck in the middle of jailbreaking and says “error, no successful firmware download after 60000 ms!! Giving up…”

    I’m not new to jailbreaking at all (every time I’ve used this guy’s instructions) and have never had a problem until this time around. Has anyone else experienced this error message and is there a way to fix it??

    • Mackspeck

      I have.  It isn’t really an error.  It says this, but then just give it some time and it will go to the next step.

  • E_balfast

    do i need to connect my ipod to a network before starting this 

  • Wborofball85

    great tutorial!! got it no problem. thanks!!!!

  • Abcd

    where is the link??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fuk you

    weres the fucking link??????

    • Zakkstaton

      right where it says downloads. theres an option for mac and pc

  • Urafaggot

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  • Fucku

    Nice download link you homo

    • Blake_Aussie

      dude it does fucking work get over urself

  • navjot

    baby i hve done it my ihone 4 ios5 has been jailbreak hank a ton guys…………

  • Lilscrmonkey

    how can i do this on my mac book pro? the download button says this only suports windows.

  • Jamesarea


  • Md05071985

    mine work just fine

  • Jack Calow

    mines is stuck on uploading first stage?


    I have Iphone 3gs.. after Jailbrake there Is No WIFI & no bluetooth … And Phone Automatically Stuck On apple Logo For every 2 minutes.. Then Again start … Nd Network still searching … No wifi mean Cydia never works :( .. help me Please..

  • artistcr8

    see lots of questions and comments    but No Reply  posted to any of them.      do you answer the questions and we just do not see them here on this page?  you send a pvt email instead ?      it appears that anyone can reply  to a question posted  — doesn’t look like anyone else  does that here either.    would be great to see some of the answers.      

    your video was very informative and clear is great that you show all the steps to get it loaded  — just stopped little short for me -  how do I connect?

    thanks for all your help.   

  • Artistcr8

    I just down loaded, last night.   Redsn0w .9.10b5c  as the latest version —-  is that correct ?     or should it be .9.10b.3 ?
    in trying to load 9.10b.3 it took me to a screen advising there was a later version available, so I did that
    everything on the reg phone seems to wk OK,   however, when I turn off phone and restart it as you did in the video  it first scrolls through several sec of white writing,  then finally comes to the slide turn on arrow.
       which your phone did Not do when you turned it back on while on screen.  
     1)  should I do something to get rid of all that writing?    
     2)  should I delete .9.10b5c  and reinstall 9.10b3 ?     if so how do I uninstall it? 
    I have the same screen you showed upon clicking on Cydia icon but what next ?
     3)  have no idea what to do with Cydia now that it is on my iphone.  
     4)  what do I do to use it to connect my Toshiba Thrive android tablet to internet?   connect the laptop the same way?  
             your video ended little to soon for me, as I am one who does not know all these wonderful tricks  I am hanging there with a big ?  what do I do now? 

    thanks for your help

  • Baylife408b

    i have an iphone 4 and it stays at the reboot screen and does nothing can someone plz help me!!!!!!!!

  • Kurdtparales

    my ipod when its waiting for reboot its turn on and the redsnow stop working.PLZZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ajiang017

    Booted with redsn0w and launched Cydia fine, but a few seconds after Cydia opened, my 3GS kicked into a reboot loop. Halp.

  • Danny208

    My iphone 3gs ran out of charge and now i have put it back on all settings have gone back to normal and cydia and all jailbroke items won’t item, i press it it comes up and closes straight away.. what do i do to get it working again?

    • Danny208

      items won’t open**

  • green eggs with ham

    do you have to donload the firmware? If so, what do you do with it or how does it relate to the jailbreak?

  • Zackie_0417

    y im back to the home screen when i hit ‘add’ or trying to type sth in the search bar?

  • what is this i dont even

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  • Fuckfuckfucker

    I was really looking forward to this. My friend just reset my iPod 1G and updated the ios to 5.01, but I cannot jailbreak it. If you would, I suggest making a version that supports these devices, :]

  • Samuel Hardy

    i have mac

  • sad man

    My ipad are bricked! cant make restart error 21 on itunes ! =(

  • jad

    i have a 3gs,5.0.1 with baseband 6.15.00,and its not factory i can preserve the baseband with redsnow ? thanks

  • Ericstoppel

    I CANT DOWNLOAD IT i click subscribe and then.. nothing

  • Nilrasmussenmitjana


  • Julien

    my iphone when its waiting for rebot its turn on and the redsnow stop working 

  • martin

    my ipod when its waiting for rebot its turn on and the redsnow stop working 

    • Adilkarolia

      same here martin you jail broke yours yet ?

      • Plap16

        same here and i haven’t jailbroken mine yet

    • Kurdtparales

      same here

  • petedafeet

    brilliant works everytime the most trust worthy jailbreak known to the history of jailbreaking if i was u get up and download it now

  • Rej

    i have a 4.3.5 version tetherd jailbreak ,  i want to update to 5.0.1 and jailbreak , will it happen something or it will go fine ?

    • Julien

      every app on your iphone will be deleted like mine my version is 4.3.1 and updated it to 5.0.1 all the apps, pics, videos, and games will be deleted

    • artistcr8

       was advised to  R/click on my device name on L/side of screen in itunes  and select back up, so after I downloaded to 5.0.1    you go back into middle section and click  reinstall.   the only items that were removed from my iphone 3gs  was the old Cydia and Ipad icons, had been told they would be removed,  which was OK since I needed to update them too.     all the rest came back on my phone.  however,  I do not have a lot of apps

  • Jaybaglee


  • Kara-louise2011

    great video apart from one thing, you missed out that when you open cydia it asks if you are a hacker/user/developer :)

  • eatbulaga

    THANKS!!! I got It about 30mins! now i enjoy my iphone!!! thanks alot

  • Iris06293

    “Corona” doesnt come up when i search

  • Iris06293

    “Corona” doesnt come up when i search

  • Austin Brooks

    Will I be able to keep my text messages on my 3gs or will this restore my phone?

  • Denton Lance

    why wont it let me download red jackey

  • Bavohendrickx

    Hi, i already had an tethered jailbreak on my ipod touch 4g. But now Cydia crashes when i want to open it.
    What do i have to do?

  • Alexdimou

    how do i download redsnOw

  • Harley1281

    wheres the download all i see is like pc doc

  • Jonathan Zapata

    were do we download redsn0w

  • Dickie A Denton II

    I have an Iphone 3gs 5.0.1 and it worked great for me!!! follow the instructions and you should have no problems. my only question is…..will my internet work on a prepay plan with the jailbroken/unlocked phone?

    • Djinfluxny

       did you had to install the os 5.0.1 before you do this?
      mine is still 4.3.3 and i need to know if by installing i will change the firmawre and mess everything.
      i installed redsnow but it still on the old os

  • Jjuvenis

    Can I know the 3GS people are satisfied with iOS 5.0.1???

  • Jradionyc

    using windows 7 iphone 4
    running in cap mode for xp sp2 and run as admin
    at reboot screen iphone reboots but not broken if i hold home button longer than goes to discovery mode?

  • Dazerblue

    thanxs man it help me with ma iphone 3gs 

    • Jjuvenis

      Hi Dazerblue can I know the details of ur iPhone configure and also let me know ur experience in upgrading ur device is it safe to do and please tell me the details I’m also looking to upgrade my 3GS…

    • Artistcr8

       glad you said that — how do use it to connect to the internet for my android Toshiba tablet   and/or my laptop?    the video stopped to short for me to know what to do next. 
      IF  you know perhaps you can post answer.    thanks

  • Jjuvenis

    Its been a little time, I’m following up how to upgrade and jailbreak my iPhone 3gs as now running on IOS 4.1 and baseband 9.15. Please help me with a video for the same configure. few concepts are fine but yet lot to see before I start to anything, I do not want to harm my device and at the same time need to upgrade to IOS 5.0.1.

  • brendan


  • Christopher

    i have followed all the istructions from above and my ipod still wont jailbreak. It will get to “waiting reboot” and it actually reboots and doesnt jailbreak somone help!!!!!!!!

  • Letumxx

    Every time i get past the second uploading stage it gets to reboot and my ipod just turns back on? can someone help? This never happened to any of the other ipods i have jailbreaked.

    • Kurdtparales

      same here

      • Frou

         same for me just reboot the ipod and no jailbreak

  • Bnoy_bago17 works for my ipod4

  • Austin

    every time i get past the “uploading second stage” then when it gets to “reboot” nothing happens can u help me also i’m on windows.

    • Letumxx

      Go to extras and then select ipsw and  choose the one that matches your ipod. You can find this by just typing in iPod in the search and it will show up. Then a pop-up window will come up and say “This ipsw will be use for the rest of your session”. Then just do the steps and it will work. ( I had to do this for Mine)

  • HotShot

    im alredy jailbroken tethered, can i jailbreak it untethered on top of it??

  • Jtfarkas

    weres the download section

  • SilverVenger


    Open the folder with Redsnow in it. It will say redsn0w and it will identify it as an application.
    right click on redsnow, and click properties in the drop down window.
    in the next window, click the second tab “Compatibility.”
    Check “Run this program in compatibility mode”
    in the drop down menu under that click “Windows XP (Service Pack 2)”
    exit out of that window.
    Right click on redsn0w again, and this time click “Run as an administrator”
    when the yellow box appears, click “Yes”

    there you go. then follow the video.

    • Plap16

      Like many others, my iTouch 5.0.1 will get to “Waiting for reboot” and then my iTouch will turn on.

  • Biggy4horsemen

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Erf

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  • Lollero

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    it as the administrator ” ???

  • Anonymous

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  • Myob12

    after right click to properties, Compatibility, then windows xp (service pack 2) .i cant find win xp options.
    can i choose windows NT 4(service pack 5) instead?? though my pc is running on windows xp

    • 123kid

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  • L4kfko

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  • chicolol

    it works for my 4g ipod, untethered jailbreak successful!

    • Andresrod

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  • chicolol

    it works for my 4g ipod, untethered jailbreak successful!

  • Jaypugs

    I have an iPhone 3GS and i get to the page where it says *Done!* and my phone has an illuminated black screen for a while and then boots again without Cydia. What do I have to do to fix this and make the jailbreak work?

  • Pugsl

    Do you have to do all this from a computer or can I do this straight from my iPhone?

  • Elayan 1999

    it keeps on the uploading first stage it only took you a second why is it taaking so long please help me

  • Andrew Inrachavongsa

    it says exploited failed?

  • NaQiudin Fadzil

    Hi may i know what app you use to capture your ipod touch screen ?

  • Anonymous

    Is it untethered for sure…one of you other videos for iphone 4.3.5 ”untethered” but it was fake..please reply.. :)

  • Luthere1

    I can’t find corona just themes ???????

  • Vladko Vladkov

    can you tell .. is itunes have to be installed

    • Anonymous


  • Jerics102

    Everything was running smoothly, but at the point where redsn0w is at the “Done” part and says that the rest of the process is taking place on the device, nothing seems to be happening, I don’t see any of the scripts on my iPhone 4. the screen is not off, its illuminated black. I am just sitting here looking at the done screen and nothing is happening. Any tips?

    • Jerics102

      After twenty or so minutes my Iphone 4 finally boots up, but there is no cydia app downloaded to it. Could this be because redsn0w recognized my phone as an iPhone 3 instead of 4?


    If you are using Windows, right click, go to properties, Compatibility, then windows xp (service pack 2) And ALSO you must have the latest itunes downloaded like I did not -__- Took me forever to figure this out so please like if this helped you so it can help others

    • NaQiudin Fadzil

      thanks its help :D

    • Anonymous

      it doesnt give me the option to change it and what do i right click on? to change it?

    • Plap16

      I downloaded the latest itunes and it still will not work

  • Raseko

    hello ! need help in here ..
    my iphone is4.3.5 (jailbroken) if i want to get this version what do i need to do first to get 5.0.1 i dotn want to crash it … please help

  • Ibuy67

    When i hold power then let go it pops up apple logo!

  • Goodhaha

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  • Itaylo

    i am haveing problems jail breaking my iphone 4 when reboot comes up my phone just turns on it wont reboot
    Plzz help me thanks you

  • Charles

    I have jail-broken before with redsnow but for some reason when i ipod reboots it doesnt reorder the code and redsnow just sits on the same screen

  • Myob12

    after clicking on jailbreak….the prompted window show messages which ends with:”Beginning jailbreak, this may take a while….”
    It has already taken 10 hours!! and the process bar is like only 1/10!
    Is it hanged?

  • jesus

    my ipod touch is stuck on “moving applications”

    • Shmaku


    • Ibuy67

      Same Dammit I was so happy to!!!!!!!

    • MR

      Patience…. Takes a while and it’s not updating the progress bar

  • mario hernandez

    how do i find the ipswfor iphone 4s?

  • Dannyurbanio

    thanks man this worked so fricken well. i tried to jailbreak with greenpoisen befor and it didnt work. but ur tutorial was perfect!!!!! thanks so much!

  • yello

    i keep getting this message tt my springboard crashed and mobilesubstrate did not cause this, but has protected my phone from it…. how do i fix this?

  • Miguel Lopez

    how do you update your iphone 3G too have the update iOS 5.0.1 Untethered?. 

  • Boards0nfire

    It never goes to the install cydia page. I just keeps saying waiting for re-boot and after it boots, it does nothing…

  • Jskyline01

    my iphone 4 is stuck in DFU mode and when i try to reboot, it says that is cant read it…help

    • Aus379

      lol. let the power drain(may take a while), and charge it. Turn it back off. Try to JB again.

  • kk24

    great instructions everything worked fine for me

  • Che1e1ynn

    works perfect, safari, facebook, everthing still works!! thanks!

  • Franck Picard

    All works fine until I open Cydia & try to Add sources. Once I click ADD, Cydia shuts down. Is it just me?

    PLease advise the trick

    • Jdmdelvis

      yo where did u find the download

    • Icecream Cone

      I’m having the same problem, Cydia shuts down when I try to add sources…

  • Dylan

    it wont let me right click it and set it to windows xp

  • Jess

    i download the new redsn0w 0.9.10b4 today and tried to jailbreak my iphone 3gs on 5.0.1, as soon as i clicked on the first screen to jailbreak, it seems like it attempts to process it but then gives me an error saying unexpected error, than i have to restore it on itunes, have tried it 3 times, someone please help :(

  • Stevepedulla216

    can the iphone be restored to original ones you do the jailbreak?

    • Jcjosuedabest


  • Tingujain

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  • Guest

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  • Darius27skf

    Dose your Email & Safari still work on the ipod after the Jailbreak Need to know 

  • Klorenz26

    I went to the DFU mode step and it says it couldn’t find the driver or something. now my iPhone wont turn on. A thing came up and says i have to install iTunes.

    • Klorenz26

      And Redsnow came up saying i have a iphone 3 when i have a iphone 4. Itunes is also updating and restoring phone. First attempt at a Jailbreak is a fail. :(

      • Jerics102

        It’s coming up as iphone 3 for me too, even though i have the 4

  • kram

    i saw the whole page. but where to download it?

  • Cesar

    does anyone know if you can unlock an iphone 5.0.1 so that it can work for t-mobile?

  • FiF!

    Jesus Christ, people!
    Learn to google.

  • Jack Fullam

    i dont know how to download redsn0w

  • Javier

    I need help, I did everything showed in this post and still have not been able to complete de jailbreak. I have an Ipod 4G with 32 GB and I do everything but when redsnow reboots my device the program crashes. I run it as administrator with windows XP service pack 2 compatibility and still get the same error over and over again. Please help

    • Sahil Patel

      i used to have an windows computer too, and every time i tried to jailbreak it it wold crash on me consistently! 


        Look up there ^^^^^ what i posted

  • Raul Sergio

    Stuck… It tells me waiting to reboot and the iPod reboots but doesnt have cydia app… HELP PLEASE ALOT OF PEOPLE HAVE THIS PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!

  • Raul Sergio

    Stuck… It tells me waiting to reboot and the iPod reboots but doesnt have cydia app… HELP PLEASE ALOT OF PEOPLE HAVE THIS PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!

    • Punksnotdeadxd

      you do know that you need to press ; install cydia before jailbreaking ? 

  • Tr1st4n_8

    after i jailbreak my iphone4, cydia won’t connect through wi-fi, and i already re-jailbreak it twice, still the same, what should i do?

  • xTahlia

    My iDevice is on 5.0.1 Semi-Untethered and i downloaded Corona 5.0.1 untethered and it didnt work. So what do I need to do ???

  • Lilt_331390

    so i see in your description you have its for the 5.0.1 but its not as you fail to mention it in the video and also in the details thx for wasting my time!

  • 2swaggasscottie2

    wear do i download it at???

    • M3gaaeh

      you spelled where wrong dumb ass

  • Helppppppmeeee

    mines says please select your options for the iphone 3,1_5.0.1_9a405: i have iphone 4 what to do ?

  • Anonymous

    ok now i am stuck on apple logo :(

  • Anonymous

    it’s annoying how it get stuck at a root-fs error on my ipod every time i do a re-jailbreak, but this time i just waited it out and it passed

  • dfsklfhsdfh

    I have a question…If I jailbreak my ipod 4th gen, will I keep the apps I have now? or no?

  • K Theuws

    i think so, unfortunatly

  • N Vorotintsev

    I have used Pwnage tool, and managed to get stuck on activating iPhone on iTunes, as it requires the original carrier sim (At&t) which i have lost and now can’t activate my phone. Am i screwed until i get another official at&t sim card to get into my iPhone or do i have any other options?

  • BabsVilla

    Hi guys, what chances do I have at unlocking my iPhone 4 on 04.11.08 baseband?
    FYI i succeded in getting the phone jailbroken untethered on ios 5.01.
    Pls help!!!

  • Anonymous

    great! thanks :)

  • Anonymous

    great! thanks :)

  • Crispy_9724

    where do you right click redsnow?

  • Camet11

    I’ve tried both with windows and my mac. It goes into exploit but i never see the option to install cydia. In the end, it reboots the iphone and redsn0w says waiting for reboot. Any advice?

  • Crusadercrew

    Does this work for 5.0?

  • Steffen No

    Hey tanner, when jailbreaking with redsn0w (figured it out now since it happened last time also), it stops my personal hotspot from working.. Any suggestions?

  • Davespitz

    Hi Guys, when I right click Redsn0w and go into compatability it doesn’t give me an option for Windows XP service pack 2 and there is no option to set as administrator.
    Can anyone help me please??

    • Mirtha_mmg

      having the same problem

      • Mirna

        same problem… pls help

  • SGZaleZ

    Ok I got a 64gb 4th gen and it doesn’t want to restore I get an error code (9) and it goes from white screen to recovery I used to have it in a boot loop and but I think iReb did the job i’ve tried various programs like ireb, and even redsnow to rejailbreak it and nothing stuck with the same recovery mode and error code could you help me out plz I am trying to fix it for my brother I think it’s stuck on iOS 5.0 

    • Anonymous

      i had a simmilar problem and ended up restoring, but itunes gave me error 21. So I just went and researched for an hour, and in the end I went to the computer that I sync my ipod with and the restore worked. Weird, huh?
      Make sure that the iPod is plugged into the computer it syncs with, and if that dosen’t work, im afraid you’ll just have to restore. Sorry :(

  • Joao_uller

    it’s not a unthetered jailbreak…..

    • Tanner Marsh

      Actually it is… If you’re going to comment without knowing what you’re talking about, you should go somewhere else (like Reddit).

      • Tejedajorge

        for my ipod 4g it is NOT! It even tells me so after its done, and it won’t let me install corona for some reason… FAKE.

  • Eigi_shiba

    does this work on verizon version of iPhone 4?

    • Tanner Marsh


  • Jack123

    lol this jailbreak is a fail it puts you in safe mode when you download winter board

    • Tanner Marsh

      It’s not the fault of the Jailbreak Devs… Lol! Winterboard needs to be updated. 

  • Cjkaufman8837

    Thx works so much y can’t they make it with all the sorces already there

    • Tanner Marsh

      You’re welcome! 

  • Dammy

    why does the apple icon show when the redsnow says waiting for reboot

  • Jack123

    so if someone could tell me what to do that would be great

  • Jack123

    lol i cant even download winterboard ?

  • Rodrigo

    Everybody, Does it really work?

  • kevin

    wheres the download link it takes me to infolinks :(

  • Nickifiable

    Worked great, thanks!

  • guest

    it says my iphone 4 is an iphone 3 when its done jailbreaking before installing cydia. Did this happen to anyone else or is that normal

  • Mpidey

    why is there just a bunch of pdf creators im just tryin to jailbreak ipod 4th gen what does a pdf creator even do

  • jayson

    OMG i tried so many times… when i click next with install cydia and battery % checked) redsnow exits… please help…

  • Ali

    Mine Got Stuck On Apple logo ! 

  • Brendankilkenny

    Does anybody know if this affects the functionality of the Gevey Ultra network unlock? 

  • Pefandrade

    Corona doesn`t work for IOS 5.0 , help please

  • mandy

    Doesn’t work. Gets stuck on waiting to reboot.

    • Raul Sergio

      Mine Too :(

    • Raul Sergio

      Mine Too :(

  • Annon

    works perfect for me

    • Jack123

      then why wont mine let me downloadd wintedboard

  • Jerryvalente

    how dO i download it?? mann explain to me

  • ALeX

    Every body , all works about jailbreak and Cydia, two iPhones 4 but lots of programs are not working even infinity blade 2 witch wanted me to update mine 4.3.3 for best performance but I can’t now launch loooots of apps!!! Help
    Mail me if someone can help

  • Zangetsuharruken

    its not working..

    • Gokudera

      maybe your ip had some problem ’cause my iphone is working well ^^

  • xDeadwingx

    When i finish downloading Cydia the app is there but, everytime i open it it dosent open help me plz?

  • VROK

    PLEASE HELP!!!  I had the jailbreak for 4.3.3 on my iphone 4 for the last 8 months.  All of a sudden I tried to update some apps in Cydia and I got the never ending apple logo.  I had to restore.  I downloaded this for MAC so I could re-jailbreak for the iOS5 for iphone 4 and everytime I try to run it, it reboots my phone and tells me I have to connect to iTunes and restore again!!  HOW CAN I REJAILBREAK THIS?????  Please HELP!

  • Garrynjenn

    my bb still shows 5.15 how do i get 6.15

  • guest

    jailbreak for the 4s ????

  • Help

    if my home button is broken can i enter dfu mode by using the pwned dfu mode under extras and then run the jailbreak?

    • Samch1

      No sir wont work sorry :)

    • Samch1

      No sir wont work sorry :)

  • Ruben Rodrigues

    whats the source?

  • Jawmadani

    cant add any source plz help

  • XFantazX

    Please help someone!!! i made it for my Iphone 4 32 neverlocked witch was on 4.3.3 and safari is nit working ((((

  • Gokudera

    last Q. : Can it work on 4s?? :P

  • Duwayne Freshkiid Marleygang M


  • Gonar Lewzhay

    Well done i did love your video its great,, keep doing like this very easy like the way you done….. From oxford 

  • Gokudera

    i jailbreaked a last 5.0.1 now i want to jailbreak it need i restore the iphone???

    • Gokudera

      aha nothing i understood ^^ sooo, i only need to search the corona :D ok thx bro

  • John

    Okay, I’ve spent days on trying to update my ipod touch 3rd gen. Obviously, I’m not the most tech savy but I know you guys are and hope you could help.

    So, my itouch has an tethered jailbreak for 4.3.5, I jailbroke it through redsn0w. Now that a new untethered jailbreak has come out for 5.0.1 I want to get rid of this tethered bullshit. So I download the 5.0.1 firmware and when I go to update and/or restore my itouch, it gives me an error: “The iPod ‘iPod touch’ could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (3194).”
    After looking at the corresponding code, its says that ‘the device is not eligible for the requested build.’
    -The solution is supposedly to update the version of itunes and I did so twice just incase.

    No matter what I do, it doesn’t seem to let me restore my iPod, could it be the fact that I currently have a tethered jailbreak or what?

    Thanks in advance

    • Peanutbutter1972

      what you need to do is uninsall itunes and then re-install the newest version of itunes on your computer. I had your same problem and the guy from the apple store told me to do this and it worked.

      • John

        I already did, it didn’t work

        • bird

          Put device in DFU mode iTunes should install it. Works like that on my IPhone 4

          • Helppppppmeeee

            did it say the right version (ios) of you  iphone 4 at the end

    • Gaz3000

      Look up a program called tiny umbrella, you need to change the hosts file (on windows and mac), set the entry to sauriks server. 

      Basically when you restore any iDevice itunes contacts an apple server to check certain things. Sometimes with a jailbroken device you can get this error (i had it in the past), if you use tiny umbrella to ‘divert’ itunes to another server (sauriks), then hopefully it ill alo te device to be restored.


  • Cjkaufman8837

    how i un-jailbreak

    • Jeffreyso514


    • Jeffreyso514


  • Matt4020

    i jailbroke mine normally and it works, but when ever i wanna type somethin on the search or ad sources, it instantly quits!HELP!!!!

  • Jason Scott

    I have been Jailbroken with this since it came out. I have an issue though. I can not access Youtube nor is my Push notifications working. Anyone know how to fix this? If ya do…please email me and tell me how. Thanks. My email is

  • Zander

    Is there a way to fix the camera to allow video recording while jailbroken?

  • Rec7noob

    i know how to put my itouch 4th gen into dfu mode and it is in it but redsn0w wont recognize it :( pls help

  • Jonathan Apple Rosello

    hey i want to jailbreak my iPhone 4 running 5.0.1. but I’m worried the process might go wrong or malfunction. anything i should do?

  • Guest

    Im stuck at waiting for reboot
    my ipod turns on and nothing

    • Jeffreyso514

      the link is tetherd

      • Guest

        wat do u mean?

    • Jeffreyso514

      the link is tetherd

  • Guest

    Im stuck at waiting for reboot
    my ipod turns on and nothing

  • jeff Mouse

    im stuck at 

  • abzzo

    awsome great stuff worked as perfect ;) so simple and easy

  • Max Sokolov

    help does this work for 5.0?

    • Guest


  • MinnieMouse

    so this doesn’t work for iphone 4s?

    • Guest

      No it doesn’t 

  • Mannymacias26

    i cant find corona!

  • Zahhs20

    it dosent work i go to reboot and it turns back on :(Type your comment here.

    • Blackwing77

      it does the same to me

    • Seth™

      same here stuck at waiting for reboot after my ipod rebooted and nothing happens. right clicked and run as admin and have set the compatibility mode to xp service pack 2 still the same.

  • whyy


  • TheGuestishGuest

    it doesnt work for me .. but would it work if i first do a tethered jailbreak and then just download this corona thing?

  • Iphone4fayoz

    it worked! awesome!

  • guest

    It says “exploit failed” … I run it as administrator.. first it says exploiting with limerain and then exploit failed .. hmm please help ?

    • guest

      i downloaded the mac one and i have a windows same thing happened make sure you have the right one

      • guest

        i tried it with both, it still says exploit failed… :(

  • Jlkdjflksj

    it is so great thank you

  • Fideo004

    there is only one answer to all of your problems people, just go on itunes restore your device and install the jailbrake… yes you will lost all of your instaled apps before but i believe that is a price that we can all pay… after all it will be untethered

  • Annemichelle Ellis

    I’m following the link for Mac but it keeps downloading a windows file…

  • Kamilroginski

    I have been trying to jailbreak for the past 4 days. i just reboots when it says waiting to reboot and nothing happens. This process just repeats. I have verizon iphone 4 running on ios5.0.1. someone please help.

    • Blkwyo

      same thing is happening to me and I cant find an answer anywhere

      • bose

        I got stuck in a reboot loop (It worked without issue on my iphone, and this error happened on my ipad 1), heres what i did to solve it:
        1. Use redsn0w 0.9.10b3: “Pwned DFU” option
        2. Restore iOS 5.0.1 thru iTunes again
        3. During Setup, disable “Find my Ipad”, “Location Services”
        4. Complete the setup and turn off your device
        5. Re-jailbreak with redsn0w but this time disable the Multitasking Gestures

        This process worked for me, good luck :)

    • Jeffreyso514

      go back to redsnow and click reboot only because your iphone has become tethered they gave us the wrong link

    • Jeffreyso514

      go back to redsnow and click reboot only because your iphone has become tethered they gave us the wrong link

  • Joel Torente

    my iPhone 3gs was stuck on recovery mode even restore in iTunes it doesn’t work and it say error 20, then i try to jailbreak it but it does not work…what I’m gonna do please help….

  • Killureself

    its not opening for my mac what should  i do ?

  • Said Barghouti

    hey it says error, no succsesfull firmare installed on the black screen in white letter pleas help me

  • Antonio Dominguez

    will this unlock the iphone4?

  • Atrinetti

    so i jailbroke my ipod touch 4g and after that when ever i open
    an app the screen for that app minimizes please help i dont no what to

  • Markwalkernbp

    how do i download for windows bro it comes up as a folder and i cant run it  heeelllpppp

  • Henrychau202

    people this works

  • Adonii22

    I Did It All An It Took ALLLL Of My Apps Away I Have No Apps At All =/ Help?

    • Applemacuser

      When you jailbreak it should. Go to iTunes and click back up.

    • Applemacuser

      I mean it shouldn’t unless first you restored and then jailbreak. But try back up on iTunes. 

  • Miguel1596

    the windows link is a TETHERED jailbreak… WTF?

  • Rticdude

    Well done, thanks

  • Xicoareosa

    my sim dose not get any network? i star my iphone i ive cyria but my networks but no service!! what do i do?

  • no1

    why is my cydia icon white, but it still loads everything.

  • Dorin

    ””Help! Did this on my iPod Touch 4G… After the big pineapple icon on my
    screen said rebooting, the iPod keeps showing the white/silver apple
    booting logo. The screen goes black for 3 seconds and then keeps coming
    back (rebooting loop). What should i do? 

    (PS: i tried
    jailbreaking it again, happened again. Then jailbreaking it with
    selecting the ipsw from the redsnow “extras” menu and it
    also happened again)”””

    i have the same problem …somebody resolve it?

    • Applemacuser

      Go to extra and click just boot tethered. 

  • Erikportugal

    When it passes the second stage and starts the ‘waiting for reboot’ screen my ipod automatically turns on and the screen keep waiting for the reboot. What should I do?

  • Lucky7

    i tried to install for windows but it isn’t opening(says it corrupt), my windows is 7 and is pirate(don’t know if this is a problem), what can i do?

    • Antonio Dominguez

      did you run compatibity in xp service pack 2?

  • Stephen

    “Corona” search brings up four things, “Corona HD LS”, “Corona Lockscreen (x2)”, and “Corona Theme”….so no dice! Sucks…

  • Lucas perras

    mine is getting stuck on exploiting with limera 1n

    • Applemacuser

      You did the DFU Steps wrong or try downloading the redsn0w again. 

  • Prateek Sm

    I am getting exploit failed error. iOzs 5.0.1(9A405) , firmware 04.11.08

  • Bafler Barrera

    Worked like a charm for my Ipad!

    For all of those who have not been able to do it…

    1.- update your device from Itunes to get the latest firmware (5.0.1)
    2.-Right click to “” then “Extract here”
    2.-Right click to “redsn0w.exe” then click on “properties”  then “compatibility” then, choose from the option cascade “Windows XP (Service Pack 2)”, apply, ok
    3.-Right click to “redsn0w.exe” then “run as administrator”
    4-Do the exact same steps that the dude does in the video; connect the ipad, then pres home+lock for 10 secs(untill it powers off) …..after the drivers are installed, release the home button.
    5. wait

    It worked for me, should work for everybody.

  • Kenix_lam

    Dear Tanner Marsh
    I have problem when install the corona, it said: “i wasn’t able to locate file for the com.chronic-ev…This might mean you need to manually fix this package”
    I didn’t pay attention in the first place so i install again the latest redSnow while still have the previous one on my phone. Is it because of that? Do i need to completely delete the tethered version and redo it with untethered one? 
    Thank you very much :( please help me :(

  • Cgcicebone

    at the bottom of my options (first option is to install cydia) its lists “deactivate” my iphone is fresh and has not been activated am i safe to proceed? as I want to unlock it

  • Lol

    Are you serious? The same news… I have been waiting for an untethered jailbreak for about a year! 

    • Tanner Marsh

      This is an untethered Jailbreak and, that’s false! There was a 4.3.3 untethered Jailbreak (which included the iPad 2)!

  • Anthony Buttillo

    I succesfully jailbroke my iPhone 3gs i downloaded sbsetting off of cydia and it downloaded successful i opened up sbsettings and my iPhone started to respiring then Restarting springboard and a spiral appeared on my screen. Its been stuck like that since this morning

  • peedy

    I cant even download the file it ask me do i wanna save redsnow_win blah blah and the box say save but when i click save it does nothing plz help i on windows vista

  • Wilsonjtech

    mines continues to say exploit failed…

    • upset

      same as mine ! how to fix this???

      • Yannick Wettinck

        Your usb port is not good enough

  • Savird

    Will this work for the Verizon iPhone as well?

  • Pankratov_Alex

    y does it take for ever to reboot

  • Pankratov_alex

    i cant find cydia on my ipod

  • Adrianallen2009

    do i have to put winter bored to use my downloads from cyda?

  • bob

    hi this isint working for me.i run redsnow on admin when i put my iphone in dfu mode it does a weird noise almost as if it failed and it tells me that theres no device detected??? maybe its my phone? i need some help !!!!

  • Vitman

    Hi, I jailbroke my wife’s iphone 4 on 5.0.1 untethered, and there wasn’t any problem. However, when I installed Wi-Carrier, it crashed the phone and will not boot up again. It just shows the little circle, and makes the sound, like a reboot, and I cannot turn it off. If I manage to reboot it using the Power and Home buttons, it comes to the Apple Logo, and is stuck again. I had used Redsnow 0.9.10b2 earlier, and even download 0.9.10b3 to try and jailbreak it, or just boot again, but it gets stuck at the Pineapple logo. Can you please help?! Problem is that wifey has not backed up her phone images and videos and so I cannot restore from scratch. Any help would be appreciated!

    • Baron_zemo2

      download a program off the net called tinyumbrella. once you get it and run it, it will say something like “exit restore loop” or something.

  • Dragon

    i cant find cornoa

  • Moheetr

    Hmmm…I can’t find Corona in the Cydia Search Tab. Would anyone have any idea of what has happened?

    • Moheetr

      Don’t Worry scratch that, I found it

      • Obeygiant86

        i can’t find it…help!!

  • Rich

    is this untethered on ipod 4g.

    • Mr. Dinkleburg

      yes it is. if u look at his tutorial he uses an ipod touch 4g on ios 5.0.1

  • Carmillee John

    Do You Have To Have Internet Connection To Load Cydia ?

  • Aldoa94

    haha it made my imsg app go blank, it works but its a blank app now lol

  • Chuka2122

    how do i get the ipsw????

  • Ballinkrazi

    does that corona thing really work

    • Anesubballking

      yessss it does i just used it 5 min agoo

  • Tydfuviu

    whats the best sources old ones arent working to good

  • Tydfuviu

    whats the best sources old ones arent working to good

  • Guster191

    now it says exploit error…what should i do next..?

  • Husandeep Singh

    it should work

  • Husandeep Singh

    It WORKED PERFECTLY. I am so gratful to pod2G that I am gonna send him $10

  • Dan

    Help! Did this on my iPod Touch 4G… After the big pineapple icon on my screen said rebooting, the iPod keeps showing the white/silver apple booting logo. The screen goes black for 3 seconds and then keeps coming back (rebooting loop). What should i do? 

    (PS: i tried jailbreaking it again, happened again. Then jailbreaking it with selecting the ipsw from the redsnow “extras” menu and it also happened again)

  • Guster191

    my redsnow keeps giving me don’t send error, what should i do?

  • Ferrarif50s

    muppanz just reboot ur idvice

  • Muppanz

    Cydia won’t start and it’s just a white box. What do I do?

    • Leo Ikillu

      happened to me i just redo the jailbreak process and worked after that

    • Husandeep Singh

      Just do boot tethered and then download chrona from cydia

  • Izec

    im on a tethered jailbreak ios 5.0 & i want to update to ios 5.0.1. do i just update from the ipod and then run redsn0w or how would i do it.

  • Noah-101

    Help i get the apple screen once i hit the home and powerbutton for 10 seconds

  • Outlandmoro

    Thank You :)

  • Mattadams019

    hey, the big boss doesnt have anything in it, how can i fix this?

    • Mattadams019

      nevermind, its working now

  • Decentkhan4u

    hi guys….i have a question,i am using iphone 4 ios 5.0.and its tethered jailbreak,what i want to ask is what should i do to get a untethered one???step wise???

    • Phil

      go into cydia, let it update, then go into search and search       Corona    , and you should get Corona 5.0.1 Untether, click that and install

  • Karel Goldbaum

    There is no Corona app on Cydia anymore…

  • Stefan231290

    does it work on 4s 5.0.1?

  • XFantazX

    Everething is Cool on my White Iphone 4 16GB
    Next will be my Iphone 4 32GB Black…i am on ios 4.3.3  so i will make reserv copy of my iphone on my wifes Notebook and write to u Soon ))

    • Tejwant14

      I hate people like you showing off
      Say whole bunch of things u have
      Fuck u
      Send from my black iPod
      Next I will fuck u up on my HP laptop

      This is how it sound like u cunt

  • XFantazX

    POSIX: Operation timed out
    Cydia says….what next ? how long it will take to update cydia?

  • Coolieno2000

    I’m getting 3194 error code when trying to update my 3GS from 4.3.5 to 5.0.1.  I’ve installed the latest iTunes as Apple support suggested.  Is the 3194 error code due to traffic issues as everyone tries to update in order to use this jailbreak?

    • Coolieno2000

      In the end i managed to do it but i had to put the phone into pwned dfu mode in the old version of redsnow that i used to use for my ios 4.3.5. Itunes partially restored my jailbroken bits too which was a bonus.

      Im finding the cydia sources to e a tad slow but then this is to be expected i guess as the world and its dog tries to install their fav apps.

  • Vayne55

    Awesome news!!! Too bad I’m out of state on vacation until next week lol :(

    FNCiCu iPhone

  • Anthony Buttillo

    For christmas i got an iPhone 4s and i was thinking of jailbreaking my old iPhone. If i jailbreak my old iPhone will it in anyway affect my new iPhone 

  • Anonymous

    it is not allowing me to update from 5 to 5.0.1 what should i do so that i can get the untethered version? thank you

  • Atrinetti

    so i jailbroke my ipod touch 4g and after that when ever i open an app the screen for that app minimizes please help i dont no what to do

    • Mohamed_0o7

      i have the same problem plz some help

  • Tomvdweiden

    Is it working for the iPhone 4 iOS 5.0.1? Is it possible that i lose all my telephone numbers and apps?

    • Lightning1211


  • Benjamin

    do you need IPSW

  • Andrew Titmuss

    Im restoring my device and using redsn0w 0.9.10b1 cuz i used semi tether and didn’t know if having both semi tether and corona would cause problems
    Thanks again to Pod2g, Chronic Dev-Team and iPhone Dev-Team

  • Jam Milag

    super buggy!! Guys Dont try this yet!! will damage your phones!!

  • Adalemayer

    cydia keeps timing out    any sugestions? please help!!

  • Lightning1211

    when i install cydia in my phone with the link there. all my sources in cydia i cant use any of them in side the source is empty.

  • Chilusung

    if i jailbreak my iphone 4.. should my baseband 4.10.01 will change??

  • Ferrari Ric

    Does this work for the 5.0 version?

  • Ed_cam1982

    cydia wont let me install app i get error “Note: the requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflict that cannot be automatically found or fixed”..could you help please thank you

    • Thi V. -

      Same here…

  • Saulio14

    I’m gonna sound retarded but how do you download it? It won’t let me.

  • Steve802009

    im having trouble updating to 5.0.1 for some reason it says error 21 & error 1602 but i have no trouble rejailbreaking to 4.1 can someone please help

  • Richard Mike Clara

    Hi, how can i unlock this?

  • James

    HELP!!! It always say waiting for reboot
    until my ipod touch 4g is already on
    and it stays in waiting for reboot

  • Iowa3210

    after enter in DFU mode, the jailbreak windoews stays at “identifying…”and nothing change.

    Anyone knows what is that?

    • Iowa3210

      I have to select any firmware?

      • xCataclysm797x

        same thing happened to me i dont think we are supposed to select firmware still lookin for answer

  • Igalishy


  • mirrored

    I cant find “Corona”. 

    • Xkillaruna

      When you open cydia you will see a black bar on top that shows cydia is updating, just wait until it finishes and you will be prompted to update. Choose complete upgrade, after that you can go back to cydia and search for corona

  • sm

    hey, my home button is broken so i use the gestures button that puts the white dot on my screen to work as the home button, can i still enter dfu mode ?

    • Peter Haug

      give it a try and let us know how it works out!

    • Fred

      u cant… :(

  • Steedy33

    Ok, I did this on a CDMA iPhone 4 and it worked just fine, however it made the device extremly sluggish.  e-mail was taking up to 15 minutes to load.  I agree with one person who said wait while before hitting this JB up.  Just my 2 cents.

  • hddeuce88

    I have a VZW iPhone 4 running iOS 5.0.1 (9A405).  I’m plugged into my Mac and when I run RedSnow and hit jailbreak I attempt to enter DFU mode but my phone only shows the apple symbol and begins to reboot.  RedSnow gets hung up on the reboot page but nothing happens.  Anyone have any help?

  • Thussain81

    What is this Work With the baseband 4.11 .8?

  • Serj

    Okay so the untethered jailbreak was a success but I have a problem with installing packages when I install something from the sources that came with cydia it would install it but it wouldn’t work like the NowListening and Pandora skips tweaks but the sources that I add to cydia the packages in them work. Is this happning to anybody else or just me? And will this fix on its own or keep happening???

  • Fireheart550

    does it matter if the ipod is not restored?

  • Gam1ngExpert

    when i did this it was tethered and it doesnt let me install corona because there is an error and that error makes cydia say that i have to uninstall it and it doesnt work because of the error

  • Fireheart550

    why does redsnow keep getting stuck at “exploiting with limera1n” ipod touch 4g ive even selected the ipsw someone help please

    • Xkillaruna

      Are you on Windows 7? If you are make sure you set the compatibility to Win XP SP2 and then try again.

      • Fireheart550

        nope im on Windows Xp

        • Peter Haug

          lol time to upgrade

        • Xkillaruna

          Yeah sometimes this happens, I couldn’t restore my ipad 2 on my laptop using xp. But then I changed to my dad’s which was using 7 and it worked.

  • Karthik Gandhi

    I did this and it works flawlessly . Can you please please tell me when will the UNLOCK be available for IOS 5.0.1 with BB 04.11.08. I have been goggleing for this and there is no proper current updates. Since you already are making proper videos on the most current updates. Can you provide the same?

  • Jason Scott

    We need a list of sources we can add to Cydia. I was trying to add some and it pretty much deleted my phone. I am having to restore and rejailbreak it. So if anyone can make a list of working sources for IOS 5 on Cydia..that would be awesome

  • 5.0.1 Untether works

    People Corona 5.0.1 Untether works! To be able to use it you will have to first update cydia. Just let it load and when it prompts you to update, choose complete upgrade. When that’s done go back to cydia and search for Corona 5.0.1 Untether again, install and that’s it! Hope it will work for you too.

  • Mike

    Anyone because this guy doesn’t reply,

    If I update my 3Gs to 5.0.1 from 5.0, will I loose my preserved 6.15 baseband? 

    • Tanner Marsh

      Yes, you’ll lose it! The best way is to use PwnageTool to create a custom IPSW.

      • Mikeyr379

        Thanks for replying.  Keep the updates coming :-)

  • JP

    I could not find corona 5.0.1 on cydia either? Help

  • Seanb545

    whats the source

  • Michael A Meuse

    I got through the jailbreak process fine but,, now I discover that I no longer have multitouch gestures? I did not see the option to enable the gestures as with the tethered jailbreak. Did I miss it or what?

  • عيسى العازمي

    Could you please write the link of the source in the post .

  • Adrianulloa38

    I tried to do it. But Redsn0w sotopped now it it wont let me turn it on, and Redsn0w says unexpected error !!!

  • Dnblove

    Give plz ipsw for download

  • Brennanawolf

    There is no Corona 5.0.1 Untether on Cydia.

    • Sean68paraguya


  • Jonathan Apple Rosello

    guys i recommened waiting for about two days until you jailbreak you iDevice due to probable bugs glitches, etc. Its just my recommendation. if your so excited and absolutely must jailbreak it, go right ahead.

  • Pedro Covarrubias

    Help!! Redsnow is stuck on “Waiting for reboot” How can I fix this?

    • Derrick Hazlett

      Same here

      • Ameriana

        I have the same problem, ugh.

    • Sahilcrush786

      try restore than re jailbreak but turn your computer off and turn it back on than it should work :)

  • Chris

    Does this work for Verizon as well? Do you have to restore the iphone 4 before jailbreaking? im getting stuck on the waiting for reboot screen and it doesnt do anything? any suggestions?

  • JD8

    I can’t Find CORONA on cydia :s

    • Sahilcrush786


  • hector rivera

    hey can anybody help please? I’m stuck on a boot loop after the white letters finish scrolling and everything gets done when its about to start it just keeps restarting

  • Mr Hazrell

    can i update my ipad2 (4.3.5) to 5.0.1….and then i use this Redsn0w 0.9.10b1 to jailbreak ? it work ? or not ? thanks :)

  • Mr Hazrell

    can i update my ipad2 (4.3.5) to 5.0.1….and then i use this Redsn0w 0.9.10b1 to jailbreak ? it work ? or not ? thanks :)

  • OH948


  • Furyrider01

    does the Corona untether work for 5.0?

    • Bob

      5.0 is already untethered lololol

      • Curtis Mohr

        umm if it is, someone is gonna have to point me in the right direction, cause nothing has been posted about it…my bet would be, we will have to update to 5.0.1 then rejailbreak if you are still on 5.0…

      • Mike

        It is not untethered and the semitethered doesn’t work.