NEW Jailbreak 5.0.1 iPhone 4,3Gs,iPod Touch 4,3 & iPad

This post will walk you through the simple steps required to Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 and the best part is that thanks to the new Redsn0w, you can be Jailbroken in a matter of minutes!

Steps (for Mac and PC users):

1. Download Redsn0w from the download section below and run it

  • If you’re on Windows Vista or Windows 7 then you should right click Redsn0w and set compatibility to windows XP (service pack 2) and then run it as the administrator

2. Hit “Jailbreak” and enter DFU mode by following these easy steps:

a. Hold down the power button for 3 seconds
b. Continue holding the power button and start holding the home button and continue HOLDING BOTH for 10 seconds
c. Let go of power and continue holding home button for 20 seconds (even after it skips to the next screen! YOU MUST COUNT TO 20 ON YOUR OWN)

3. Select install Cydia and any other options you want (except “Install custom bundles”)

4. Wait for it to finish and reboot (the video shows how long the process takes)

5. Close out of Redsn0w – this step is VERY important

6. Open Redsn0w and go to “Extras”

7. Hit “Just boot” and enter DFU mode again by following the instructions in step 2

You are now Jailbroken on iOS 5.1!

NOTE: you WILL need to follow steps 6 and 7 every time you need to reboot your iDevice!

IMPORTANT: Do you need to use your iPhone on another carrier? If so, you need to Unlock it! 


Redsn0w 0.9.10b6 for Mac
Redsn0w 0.9.10b6 for Windows

Click here to be taken to my video tutorial on YouTube

Stay tuned for future Jailbreak tutorials!

Devices it works for:
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPod Touch 3G
iPod Touch 4G
iPad 1
Devices it Doesn’t work for:
iPad 2
iPod touch 1G/2G (firmware not supported)
iPhone 2G/3G (firmware not supported)

Owner and webmaster of Jailbreak Tech Info. Tanner is also a professional Jailbreak tutorial writer, the main reporter for Jailbreak Tech Info and owner of the YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice. Feel free to shoot him an email at with any questions or comments.

  • N15h 89

    i think when i jailbroke my iphone4 apples software was down? what does that mean?

  • Acmmb07

    I did the Jailbreak on my iPhone 4 successfully, all except I cannot download anything from Cydia. What do I do, next? 

  • Cutehotrockin

    um which is the link to download redsn0w because theres so many links and im confused

  • Greatlhanderz_15

    upgraded my iphone 3gs from 5.0 to 5.0.1….downloaded newest version of  redsnow (redsn0w 0.9.10b5 for Windows) from their website, installed Cydia… (followed all the instructions) upon rebooting, my iphone tells me that it needs to be activated via itunes and keeps on rebooting… WHAT SHOULD I DO GUYZ, PLEASE HELP…. :-(((

  • guest

    OK. So I just did Cydia. And it’s good but after a while, it stops working, it doesn’t even open up. When I click on it, it just “blinks” and doesn’t open up. Is there anything I can do?

  • Sadiaain

    Can you tell how to get installous? 

    • N15h 89

      type in cydia installous and it will come up 

  • mrporter

    every redsn0w i download dont do nothing it pops up i set it up for windows xp 2 i run as administrative all the other steps finish step 1 2 then it says waiting to reboot and my phone comes back on and its just sits there i i need held for my iphone4 5.0.1

  • slickzi

    I cant even open the RedsnOw file on my mac? how can that be?

  • guest

    When i jailbreak it just gets stuck on “exploiting with limera1n” and it doesnt do anything else please help!! :(

  • Chacho805

    am i able to jailbreak my ipod/iphone from any computer? does it have to be plugged in with its paired computer?

  • Dhafonso

    how do u downloaad redsnow

  • Sbmaster505

    need help

  • Kniightt

    i need help 

  • Karloso17

    i downloaded insatallous and i can´t download eny apps , pls help, i have subd to you

  • Karloso17

    i downloaded insatallous and i can download eny apps , pls help, i have subd to you

  • Zvonimir Baric

    i just jailbreaked my ipod touch 4g and i installed installous, now i can’t use my ipod, there is just apple on the screen, pls help!!!! :((

  • Zvonimir Baric

    i just jailbreaked my ipod touch 4g and i installed installous, now i can’t use my ipod, there is just apple on the screen, pls help!!!! :((

  • Miguel

    Hello, i would like to thank you for the great tutorials that have helped so much. But i would just like to ask a question.
    Does the Jailbreak, unlock the iphone 4 operator SIM lock?
    I will be jailbreaking my iphone for the first time so i have that dought.

    Best Regards, and continue you great work, if you can reply to my email    

  • NerdyTips101

    mine is stuck on “Exploiting with limera1n”

    What do I Do?

  • Hazo84

    Worked first go thank you

  • Dennis Limbo

    I get stuck on the “first stage” part, it says redsn0w has experienced and error and has to close, help anyone? D:

    • SAKR1F1C3R

      It gonna force it to that second option in red snow then u will use fix recovery on red snow afterwards. Prey to god iTunes can restore and do the red snow process until it works that’s what I did if anyone has any suggestions please tell me because its such a long process in my opinion lol tho bitchy

    • Juventino Vargasiii

      Happens to me 2

  • Sk7_n3t

    can we make it semi-tethered from this jailbreak? 

  • Adi_lightning_bolt

    go to just booth and follow the same steps

  • Zvonimir Baric

    fuck, my ipod is not working anymore
    on screen is just apple

  • Zvonimir Baric

    I’m gonna jailbreak my itouch 4g, must i reset it before jailbreaking?

  • Zvonimir Baric

    must i reset my ipod before jailbreaking it

  • Andrew Titmuss

    Just jailbroke my itouch 4g
    If your on windows vista or 7 make sure you’ve set the compatibility to Windows XP SP2, or it might not work
    Waiting for the untether now!

  • Andrew Titmuss

    I’m gonna jailbreak my itouch 4g with this if pod2g’s untether isn’t released by christmas (and im not trying to rush him)
    Or maybe sooner…

  • Gokudera

    i have a black screen problem after i download installious :(( pls help

    • SAKR1F1C3R

      i agree its complete bs and so i decided to when it says must reboot device after downloading installous i dont do anything and wait lol fuck my life :’(

  • kyle worm

    well i just reverted back to the previouse redsnow and i just realized that the newer redsnow on cydia it didnt go throw the setting up of the system files for it

  • soulif3

    omg i finally got it to boot and cydia is working fine. i just hope at this point everything works ok

  • soulif3

    cydia is working for me. this jailbreak is so delicate i been at this all day. i finally got it to boot up after jailbreak. installed a few tweaks and did a reboot and guess what? i am struggling again to boot this bytch back up. lol this is a joke…..

  • kyle worm

    i think cydia needs to be worked on i changed to the the new red snow and cydia isnt giving me anything when it tryed to get aditinal stuf to add i cant even add sinfuliphonerepo to get installous

  • soulif3

    dude idk…. it lets me jailbreak but it wont let me boot back up. i am so over this at this point.
    has anyone have any idea out there?

  • 1234

    the download isnt working…what one do i use for windowS?

  • soulif3

    icu id please get on here and help us out……

  • soulif3

    i am not sure what i do wrong if i am doing anything wrong. lat night i managed to jailbreak successfully but my phone cashed and could not get it to reboot. i restored and tried again today and again managed to jailbreak and still cold not get the reboot done. i now been at it all day and no success. i think its time to kills this contract and go back to a simple phone. i bought the iphone for what it can do and it ain’t happening…lol

    i will continue for today but tomorrow it goes up for sale and go back with boost and android…lmao!!

    what people put up with?

    • Tanner Marsh

      You would have had to boot tethered… 

  • Msheridan990

    Hi no service on 3gs after jailbreak any help would be great

  • Satnley Miksl76

    hi this is bluepitbull316 i have a youtube account and i want to know why it wont let me download redsn0w

  • Josh

    I did everything correctly (or so it seemed) with jailbreaking and just booting after going into extras. The pineapple does appear after putting my idevice (iphone 4) into dfu mode and just as I think I’m about to get past the activation screen, the pineapple changes to the regular apple logo and it reboots and I am still stuck on the ios 5.01 activation screen. Any advice at all? Thanks in advance.

    • Norb021

      I have the same problem. And after the only way i can use my iphone is to restore it. And after it goes back to normal. Did you figure it out what is the problem? Thx

  • Andrew Titmuss

    Can you do an untethered jailbreak on top of a tethered jailbreak or do you have to restore first?

  • Joseluiscoroando98

    cydia is just a white icon what do i do?

    • Dick_chode

      reboot using redsn0w

  • Alan Olvera

    hey i have an ipod touch 4th generation and when i want to jailbreak it i get explit failed an unexpected error, any fix for this issue?

  • Zvonimir Baric

    must i restart my ipod before jailbreaking it?

  • Patty Peters

    please help me out! I hve an iphone 4, running ios5.0.1; I have successfully jailbroke my phone (thank your very much for the great video!!). Now I am trying to use the SwirlyMMS2 app, but the app wont open: as soon as I tap it, it goe right back the springboard. This it the whole reason I used the jailbreak on my phone, so I would really like to get it to work correctly. Thank You!

  • Gadzofrock

    i can’t my iphone 4 ios 5.0.1 to dfu mode the redsnow can’t detect it ? what should i do?

  • Areeb_arshad

    hello i have an iphone 3gs i have updated to ios 5.0.1 but it shows me a sim card error that i have not inserted my sim but i already have. i am about to jailbreak my iphone am i doing the right thing??

    • Wild Storm

      hey @54d253bb3740807e8a392a718c18ffdb:disqus i hv got the same error on iPhone 4 but dont knw what to do yet .. 

  • aly

    ive been waiting for 10mins to reboot but nothings happening! should i do? help!! :

  • Shfgdkghdlkghjf

    I get “Unexpected Error” Instantly.

  • Wild Storm

    Hi all, hey i hv iPhone 4 and a day back i have updated it to iOS 5.0.1, i was using Gevey SIM on it previously with iOS 4.2.1, but after the update em stuck with the phone activation, and i can’t get in, it says that insert the original carrier sim, and which i don’t have, :( ..

    will i able to Jailbreak and enter into, mi iPhone 4 which is kinda just not in use these day ,, and i want it really……………. help me out pls… 

  • WORK!

    I just have a compressed file!

  • Madayagjeff

    Can you help me i did al the steps and it finshed jb but when it starts to boot up it gets stuck on a black loading screen with bars circling but there white i have a iphone 4 gsm someone pls help me this happened twice already

    • iOS HelP

      you just need to put your iphone in DFU mode and run tether boot that’s it :) Good luck

      • Madayagjeff

        i did all of it then it finishes and it looks like it will boot up but it just gett stuck i did the jb twice and same thing

      • Madayagjeff

        i cant run dfu because when i try it just restarts again

  • Willyinpr4u

    Tanner, I got just one question. There is a file on the web, Greenpois0n, claiming to have an untether jailbreak, but other people that had tried to download the file are claiming to be a scam. Have you got any news about it? Thanks, and if you fid out anything, could you let us know?

  • Adrian00098

    my ipod froze wen tis happened :(

  • Kitcatmeo

    thank you very much, I got successfully by your guide:)

  • zipper

    Tried it about 5 times, Always stays at “Waiting for reboot.”  

    Any help on this? 

    • zipper

      Also, my device keeps powering back on during this.

  • Jailpod

    hi,  i am an experienced jailbreaker and have entered DFU mode countless times as i restore / jailbreak my ipod many times.
    but on this redsn0w, it doesn’t work  it goes into DFU then pulls out and freezes redsn0w at the exploiting with limerain page.  Then my ipod reboots normally and no matter how many times i try, it just wont work

    Any thoughts??

    • Jailpod

      HAHA yes finally!!

      i decided to put it in DFU before opening redsn0w and it worked.
      Dont know what was wrong before

  • Eden Alex Griffiths

    Never mind :P it turs out yu got to put all contents into a folder Ooooooo a pinapple boot logo :D

  • Eden Alex Griffiths

    MY ipod touch 4g wouldnt boot tethered the redsn0w for windows crashed when i tried boot tethered :

  • Venkatydp

    Hi.. any help  unlock for 5.0.1 with baseband 6.15

  • Alexandria Noble

    My phone is stuck at the spinning circle icon before I can even advance to the Just Boot!!! Help

  • Aye L4ng

    what if i have already JB my device running ios 5.0.1 using redsnow 0.9.9b8?

  • Chin10_1995

    i got cydia but it dosent loads takes me back to my home page any help ?

    • Eden Alex Griffiths

      Boot tethered it says its very important to otherwise the jailbreak wont work

  • Paoloenricotan

    Hey, will it work on ipad2?

    • Paoloenricotan

      I mean why will it not work on ipad2?

  • Husandeep Singh

    wats the difference huh??

  • Husandeep Singh

    not untethered right??

    • Tanner Marsh

      Still tethered. The difference is explain at the beginning of the video (it’s simply an easier process)! 

      • BATComm1

        I’ve been trying to JB my iPhone 4 5.0.1 for 2 days now and had to do several restores, i am using your download for Windows and when it starts the first page of upload the program encounters a windows.exe error and stops the process and I have to restore my phone and start over…any help on this ???