New iOS 7 Concept Video Showcases A ‘Very Flat’ iOS Redesign

Redesigned iOS 7

With iOS 7 scheduled to be unveiled at this year’s World Wide Developers Conference next month, Apple has more riding on the next major iteration of their mobile operating system than some would think. While Apple’s next-generation iPhone is also crucial to the company’s continued success, a large number of customers are turning their gaze towards the software (iOS) that powers Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models.

Now, with customers hoping that the next significant update will bring a number of welcomed improvements to the mobile ecosystem Apple has done such a great job of establishing these past seven years, the company really needs to “hit it out of the park” with iOS 7.

Late last year, as part of a corporate restructuring, executive Jonathan Ive (Senior Vice President of Industrial Design) became the leader of Apple’s software design groups. Over the past few months, numerous reports have surfaced pertaining to how Ive will redesign iOS with a new and “very flat” approach. Yesterday, Simplyzesty’s art director Philip Joyce put together an impressive concept as to how the term “flat” may apply to iOS 7.

While the video, embedded above is undoubtedly impressive and high-quality, Joyce may have taken the reports too literally, as the concept appears more reminiscent of Microsoft’s newly adopted metro-esque interface than it does of the iOS we’ve all come to know and love over the years. With that said, stay tuned for complete coverage on iOS 7 and Apple’s future plans as WWDC 2013 draws nearer by the day.

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  • Vayne81

    I just threw up in my mouth…

  • Guest

    If i wanted a windows phone i would have bought a windows phone. Apple is going to screw up. People are going switch phones if they make it look like that. (Aka windows phone)

  • quinn

    Apple will (hopefully) never be this stupid and release a design that copies the crappy windows 8.

  • Guest

    Bout bloody time!

  • Marc Edmond

    This is cool…just like Andoid…

  • Chris

    Looks like Android!

  • theguy

    windows 8…………..that is windows 8……………… disgusting…

  • youmorons

    You are all Retarded…. Apple did not put out this video….. Its some other company

  • Johnny bravo

    If that’s really what it looks like I won’t update. Or ill just buy a galaxy s4

  • Mohsine Islam

    This is not innovation or new concept as Apple Claim, this is a copy of Windows 8

  • Justus

    This is cool but just a little too much like Windows 8

  • Axel

    Apple is actually trying to become windows ever since they have start doing a tiny bit better. maybe Tim Cook shouldn’t of became CEO. he’s kinda ruining the company

  • Guest

    Ewwww …. I hope that’s not what is to come

  • shelby121

    This is ugly, iOS 6 looks way better and iOS 7 reminds me of windows 8… and the lock screen is just, ew.

  • mantas

    is it me or does that remind me of a windows phone?

    • iSmog_-

      Thats exactly what i thought :D


    ewww not windows!

  • eboo24

    apple will never combine with microsoft. if it is true it should have happened a long ago.

  • iPhonebreaker1239

    looks like the os on a dummy phone..

  • yomolojodoshobohomogobow

    microsoft joined and installed windows 8