New Apple iPhone 5 Unboxing And Overview – Update: Black And White iPhone Unboxings

Today, millions of customers either stood in line or eagerly waited near their door to purchase or receive their iPhone 5 shipment. Of course, I was counted among the many who stood in line at AT&T this morning to purchase Apple’s latest iPhone.

The video, embedded above, is my complete and in-depth unboxing and initial impressions of the White 16GB iPhone 5. Unfortunately, due to a shipping issue, I was unable to receive the black iPhone model as scheduled this morning. Because of this mishap, I will also be unboxing the black iPhone 5 later tonight for your viewing enjoyment.

As shown in the video, the iPhone 5 comes packaged with Apple’s new EarPods, a Lightning to USB 2.0 cable, the standard wall adaptor, a quick start guide and iPhone info sheet and, of course, two traditional Apple stickers.

Update: I was finally able to pick up my black and slate 64GB model iPhone 5 – you’ll find the unboxing video for the new black iPhone embedded below.

Stay tuned for complete coverage on the all-new, redesigned iPhone 5 from Apple.

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