NEW Amazon Kindle Fire Unboxing

This is my unboxing and overview video for the new Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon! To quickly summarize the device, it’s a small 7-inch tablet with an extremely low price tag of just $199 and it’s available now (you can pick one up here)

Stay tuned for my full review and comparison videos – until then, enjoy this video!

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  • Alex

    Cool! All Things Apple Giveaway

  • Mitchik

    It will be an alternative for the iPad. All things apple giveaway.

  • Mitchik

    Looks like a baby iPad with limited capabilities

  • Lightning1211


    All things apple giveaway

  • Daz Tran

    NICE and cheap tablet
    All Things Apple Giveaway!

  • Junaid Ansari

    Thanks for the review. I was gonna buy this but I guess nothing can compare to the iPad 2 So I am going to save up for the iPad 2!

    All Things Apple Giveaway!