Leaked Information Reveals Even Smaller ‘iPhone 5′ Dock Connector Port

In February of 2012, iMore was the first to suggest that Apple’s next-generation “iPhone 5″ will feature a smaller, redesigned dock connector. Now, with similar reports populating influential and reputable areas of the blogosphere, including all of the recent leaks, iMore’s preliminary report bears more merit.

A number of credible sources, including TechCrunch and Reuters, firmly believe their unnamed sources and have published their own thoughts on Apple adopting a 19-pin dock connector.

However, while a majority of the initial blogs and news outlets suggested that the upcoming iPhone will feature a smaller 19-pin connector over the current 30-pin connector, a number of less-reputable sources have suggested that Apple will use an even smaller dock connector.

Yesterday, 9to5Mac publicized references to a new “9pin” connector they unearthed from a portion of code found in the iOS 6 beta firmwares.

Moreover, Nowhereelse, the same site that recently leaked images of the next-generation iPhone’s SIM tray and home button, posted additional pictures of what they’re claiming is the same “9pin” connector found by 9to5Mac in a section of code. Also, the image embedded above – from Nowhereelse – highlights a metal ring surrounding the connector port on the leaked part.

As of now, the purpose of the mysterious ring is unknown. There’s a possibility it could serve as a new method of attaching the charging and data transfer cable, similar to the MagSafe port found on Apple’s laptops.

We’ll find out soon enough at Apple’s upcoming iPhone media event rumored for September 12th – stay tuned for complete coverage.

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