Leaked iPhone 5 Screen Protector Suggests A Bigger Screen And A Wider Home Button

Earlier today, MacRumors posted some pictures of what may be an iPhone 5 screen protector. These pictures clearly suggest that the iPhone 5 will have a bigger home button (pictured above) and a wider screen (pictured below) than the current iPhone 4.

The screen protector also closely matches renderings we’ve seen in the past and the widely accepted iPhone 5 design.

If Apple were to preserve the current iPhone’s aspect ration, the screen would also have to be vertically bigger. This could be made possible if Apple took advantage of all the wasted space on the iPhone; primarily near the speaker.

With that said, stay tuned fro more iPhone 5 related news and rumors!

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  • Sameed Arshad

    Looks like its for the Galaxy S2…

  • Ruudjuh__009

    Tanner, what about the iPod Touch 5G ??
    Will there be an iTouch 5G and will it have a bigger screen & homebutton too?
    Please answer, btw great vid’s 

  • Dominicmm6

    I think this is actualy genuine

    • http://besttechinfo.com Tanner Marsh

      I think that most of the reports that suggest the iPhone 5 will use this design are at least somewhat accurate. Therefore, I think there’s a strong possibility that this is genuine :D