Leaked Next-Generation ‘iPhone 5′ Home Button Suggests Overall Redesign

According to a report from Nowhereelse, the same report that suggests Apple will adopt the new nano-SIM standard, the next-generation iPhone will feature a newly designed home button.

Interestingly enough, the home button’s redesign (pictured above) matches that of a previous “leak” from April. While maintaining the same overall look and feel of its predecessors, this home button differs in the sense that the plastic enclosure surrounding it has changed, suggesting an overall redesign.

In last week’s video of leaked “iPhone 5″ parts, it was demonstrated that the existing home button for the iPhone 4S simply doesn’t fit the alleged next-generation iPhone’s front glass panel. Could this redesigned home button fit the new, taller iPhone design that’s been the highlight of the blogosphere for the past few months? Stay tuned to find out and for complete coverage on both Apple and their products.

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