Jailbreak 5.0 / iOS 5 Semi Untethered iPhone 4,3Gs,iPod Touch 4,3 & iPad

This post will walk you through the simple steps required to get a semi untethered Jailbreak for iOS 5 / 5.0 and the best part is that thanks to the easy-to-install package, you can have your semi untethered Jailbreak in just a few minutes.


1. Jailbreak with your iDevice with Redsn0w’s tethered Jailbreak (click here for a full and in-depth tutorial)

2. Open Cydia and follow Step 2a if you’re on either an iPhone or an iPod Touch, or Step 2b if you’re on an iPad

  • 2a. Go to Manage > Sources >Edit (top right corner) > Add (top left corner)
  • 2b. Go to Sources > Edit (top right corner) > Add (top left corner)

3. Add the following source: http://thebigboss.org/semitether

You now have your semi untethered Jailbreak on iOS 5!

Here’s more information on the “semitetherd” Jailbreak (that’s the official name) from BigBoss:

1) Can use phone, sms (text messages)
2) Can use every other stock app on iphone.
3) Cannot use mobile safari
4) Can use other appstore web browsers such as atomic web browser
5) Cannot use mail app. You could install a gmail app from appstore or such instead.
6) You cannot use any jailbreak tweak, app, cydia until you boot tethered.
7) While in the semitether booted state, you should not add a jailbreak ios5 notification such as sbsettings to notifications during this state or your device will be stuck in a respring loop until you get home to “boot tethered”

Stay tuned for future Jailbreak tutorials!

Owner and webmaster of Jailbreak Tech Info. Tanner is also a professional Jailbreak tutorial writer, the main reporter for Jailbreak Tech Info and owner of the YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice. Feel free to shoot him an email at Tanner@BestTechInfo.com with any questions or comments.

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