Jailbreak 4.3.5 iPhone 4, 3GS iPod Touch 4G, 3G & iPad With Redsn0w

This post will walk you through the simple steps required to Jailbreak 4.3.5 and the best part is that thanks to the new Redsn0w, you can Jailbreak faster than ever!

Steps (for Mac and PC users):

1. Download Redsn0w from the download section below and run it

  • If you’re on Windows Vista or Windows 7 then you should right click Redsn0w and set compatibility to windows XP (service pack 2) and then run it as the administrator

2. Hit Jailbreak and enter DFU mode by following these steps:

a. Hold down the power button for 3 seconds
b. Continue holding the power button and start holding the home button and continue HOLDING BOTH for 10 seconds
c. Let go of power and continue holding home button for 20 seconds (even after it skips to the next screen! YOU MUST COUNT TO 20 ON YOUR OWN)

3. Select install Cydia and any other options you want – however, don’t select “Install custom bundles”

4. Wait for it to finish and reboot (the video shows how long the process takes)

5. Power off your iDevice while its plugged in and then open Redsn0w again

6. Hit “Extras” and then select “Just boot” and enter DFU mode by following the instructions in step 2

You are now Jailbroken on iOS 4.3.5!

NOTE: you WILL need to follow steps 4 and 5 every time you need to reboot your iDevice!


Redsn0w 0.9.10b3 for Mac
Redsn0w 0.9.10b3 for Windows

Click here to be taken to my video tutorial on YouTube

If you’re interested in unlocking your iPhone 4, follow the instructions from this tutorial.

Stay tuned for future Jailbreak tutorials!

Devices it works for:
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPod Touch 3G
iPod Touch 4G
iPad 1
Devices it Doesn’t work for:
iPad 2
iPod touch 1G/2G (firmware not supported)
iPhone 2G/3G (firmware not supported)

Owner and webmaster of Jailbreak Tech Info. Tanner is also a professional Jailbreak tutorial writer, the main reporter for Jailbreak Tech Info and owner of the YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice. Feel free to shoot him an email at Tanner@BestTechInfo.com with any questions or comments.

  • help please

    i really want to jailbreak my ipod but i dont want to erase any data like my games my notes and etc so is that possible?

  • Alexis

    it said that my ipod was an unrecognized build???

  • Deejaydannyb

    its now ready for reboot! but it gets stuck and says waiting for ipod touch???? what do i do?

  • Funkyfm

    can’t seam to get this going? my ipod turned it self off and i couldnt get it back on. if the same has happened with you just hold off and home button for 20 seconds it will come back on

  • purplebiker14

    says theres an error when i try to reboot it

  • Marcoooos

    Mine , it doen’t open cydia .. help please !

    • bigcheese

      youhave to go to dfu mode +)

  • Shashi0809

    its awesome thanks for u r display

  • Vikas Prasad

    Mine also doesn’t pass step 1………… getting message “Identifying…” and it seems stuck… doesn’t work

    • Vikas 91

      after waiting 5-10 min  on “Identifying…” message it started to work…… however redsnow crashed after that…. at the end of “Uploading first stage” message….. I had to press home + power button to start my iphone

  • Anonymous


  • iSudan

    Works like a charm. Thank you. 

    • Anonymous

      Did you try to restart ur iphone ?!?! don’t do it..

  • Madnipolani

    I tried so many times, but it didn’t download.

  • Madnipolani

    please help with the comment I posted!!!!

  • Madnipolani

    my thing is taking longer then the video, which is like when it’s downloading the missing keys that taking long and still not loading.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=564683171 Camila Martins Lopes

    Thanks! Everything occurred just like you showed. 

  • Tiroooo1

    i made that but when i close it and openit it the redsnow has been crashed

  • bossyen

    thank you for helping me

  • Arkangel03sc

    mi iPod is off how can I put in on??

  • Alex

    no mention of whether its tethered or untethered.

  • Alex

    no mention of whether its tethered or untethered.

  • Matheus Macedo

    thanks for helping me 

  • how to FIX

    Guys, dont use this! this will make your Ipod/Iphone getting a black screen!
    - Dont worry i got an fix! :

    - Put the Power and the home buttom for 20 secs (at the same time)

    - your phone will be start up normally, (dont use this anymore)


  • Dasdf

    PLEASE HELP my ipod gots black screen after i did this omg!! noo! u dumped a virus? remove this shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kbub24

    did all the rules… ios4.3.5… please help

  • Kbub24

    tried again and the screen went black… i tunes says in recovery mode so i used redsnow to get it out of recovery… now itunes still has the same message and if i try to fix it with redsnow it says error occured… ipod cant do anything at the moment… please help

  • Kbub24

    mine just sits at identifying build and doesnt do anything.

  • guest

    is ot tethered or untethered

  • Oi_con

    hello, i follow your instruction to the T and my ipad 1 is now jailbroken! awesome! now i have 3gs v 4.3.5 with 5.16.02 firmware and i would like to jailbreak and unlock. can i use redsnow to do both?

  • Bachu Sreenivasulu

    After doing this its asking for me to connect to itunes

    • Ginebaby

      Hi how you solve this prob in the end? I’m facing the same prob as well…

  • Anonymous

    Thnx for the info…very pedagogical…….just wondering if there is an unthethered for iPod 4G(iOS

  • Copee16

    Also can you please reply to me and let me know what i do when my options in the first step are not the same as the ones you had on your screen, you had some battery one and what not, but i have a “deactivate” one and also something else which warns me not to do because i wont beable to downgrade. can you explain that to me?

  • Copee16

    what happens if cydia is still white??

  • Arnie68a

    hi am i supposed to get pineapple logo when redsnow is downloaded thru windows?

  • Ihernndez1988

    i cant seem to download the firmware 4.3.5 please help


    it wont let me do the very first step I tried holding the home and power button 10 seconds then only released power and held home for 15 seconds all it does is reset my ipod I have version 4.3.5 please help

  • Snowboardingrocks5959

    Does this jailbreak wipe game data such as what u have on a game

  • Amauri

    Ur Awsomeeee Great Job!! : ) Thanks ! 

  • Happybob9087

    My ipod wont turn on the apple logo shows up for 15 mins and then restarts

  • Karin

    i did this and when i reboot it, it didnt work, the icon was still white. and when i restore it and then fix so it was normal again the icon was still there:/ i can start my device without conect it to the comuter but the app isnt working. how do i do to make the “empty” app dissapear? its bugging me:P

    • Jxyap96

      If i shut down my phone , izit means that my jailbreak will be gone when i reopen it ? 

  • Wiedjaja

    excellent guide, mostly other guides on the net did not mention to “Run as Administrator”, hence i have tried many times and failed.

    Make sure to follow the steps in details and jailbreaking is in your hand.

    Great guide. thanks so much

  • Wiggydeb16

    oh – one more thing I did on last attempt that I didn’t do previously – power down the iphone before doing “just boot”  Hope this is helpful.

  • Wiggydeb16

    my cydia was still white after a few attempts, then one more try and was very particular with holding the power button for 3 seconds, then the power and home for full 10 seconds, then the home only for a full 20 seconds.  This seemed to do the trick because cydia now opens.  Good luck to you.

  • aj

    i followed all the instructions done the tethered boot, but my cydia is still white, tried couple of times still no joy,any suggestions 

  • Ondrej Mekys

    working it for iphone 4 os 4,3,5 ?

  • zec

    I installed Cyndia and I can’t turn on my iPhone! It’s only black screen with apple logo on it!!
    Pls helpp!!!!

  • Jattitude

    It is useless, tried.. installed but Still no service.

  • graham buckley

    were is the button to download redsnow ffs

    • Xxxnveedxxx

      Redsn0w 0.9.9b7 for MacRedsn0w 0.9.9b7 for Windows
      Click here to be taken to my video tutorial on YouTube
      If you’re interested in unlocking your iPhone 4, follow the instructions from this tutorial.
      Stay tuned for future Jailbreak tutorials!

  • Xxxnveedxxx

    im stuck at the waiting for reboot screen.. not budging -__-

  • Lifesaver2712

    U are a life saver. THE BEST TUTORIAL EVERRR

  • Mashfiq

    Is jailbreaking harmul for the device??i just read in wikipedia that it can affect battery life and system stability due to poor code optimizatio…please reply!!

  • James

    re cydia problem.  Try starting over and that is how I got it to work for me.

  • Guest

    cydia wont open andthe application is white am i doing something wrong? and rebooting it dosnt work

  • FIR3CROCH2567

    i dont know where to download redsnow can you help me

    • Prince_dado

      just where the video is if you scroll down to bottom of the instruction there is 2 shared links depends on which windows you have

  • Emmanuel_221

    Yeah excelent, but now how can I Unlock it ??
    Thanks for your help.

  • Natethegreat61

    this was truley very easy thanks to the great video that told me everything i had to do! i really apreciate you making this vid…… but i did have a problem were the jailbreaking proccess had to be forced closed but then i rebooted my iphone and did it agian and it worked great!

  • Bullramous

    how do I jailbreak without losing my contacts?

    • Prince_dado

      if you cant sync contacts in itunes try to do it through your computer !

  • Alan low

    after i upgrade my iPhone 4 to iOS 5 , iTunes come out this notification : The iPhone could not be upgrade , This Device isn’t eligible for the requested build …. can some body help !!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1558533878 Brittany Obee

    okay now that cydia has shown up and i’ve done the just boot tethered it opens temporarily and then goes back to the pineapple. now what?

    • Prince_dado

      did you upgrade your phone before doing the jailbreak ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1558533878 Brittany Obee

    Got it(:

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1558533878 Brittany Obee

    cydia wont show up on my screen, i do all the instructions right but when it’s rebooting and the screen pops back up there’s no cydia. what am i doing wrong?

    • Hva_kikito

      same here

  • Guest

    Hello, I love this new Jailbreak method; it is so easy to follow. I am having one problem though. Each time I make it through the first step of installing Cydia and then try to do the second step of “Just boot”, I get the following message “No identifying data fetched.” What am I doing wrong in at this step? I’ve tried using the “Recovery Fix” but that also gives me the same message.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Prince_dado

      were you connected to a wifi while doing the process ?
      if yes then am sorry cant figure it out ! if no then connect and try again

  • Lee

    on redsn0w i hit jailbreak and it starts the process but when it gets past the white screen on my ipad, the software tells me there is no data to fetch and then shuts down…. what am i doing wrong?

  • Kim


    • Prnce_dado

      are you on vista or 7 ?

  • Jsaldana2511

    where do I get resnow for IP hone 3gs 4.3.5

  • Dylan

    hi this is bullshit i hate u send me a fucken link to the page where i can just hit jailbreak nd b finished ill pay u 500 dollars if u send it to my email dylanleyden@yahoo.com nd ur address so tht i can send u the money thanks bye

    • Prin_dado

      are you on vista or 7 ?

  • Imjustherecuzimbored

    ok so once i have done exactly whats on this video, i inserted my sim card and it didnt read it. Am i missing something?? 

  • Beelambones

    do you have to restore or recover the ipod touch?

  • livvylou

    Ok so my i did the jail break and it totally work. but then i went on cydia and installed something and then it rebooted my ipod and now my ipod is stuck on the screen with the apple… what do i do?:/

    • Guest name

      Run redsnow again and click booth therthred right now(not sure if i spelled right)

    • Ii82

      way how to restore if your device stays on apple logo after reboot

      connect your iphone/ipod to computer and launch itunes.itunes will
      not detect your device now press power and home button untill itunes
      signs appers on your device.when this sign appears itunes will detect
      your device. now you can restore your software from itunes.

    • Prince_dado

      hold the lock button with the menu button dont release even after the apple sign comes up again till you see plug in to itunes sign ! plug your ipod and thats how you get it to work again . but before you do that do me a favor try this ! plug in your ipod to your computer go on red snow and do the steps of boot only ! even if you have the apple sign and the phone is not off ! ignore that so when you click on boot only start counting with every step as if its your ipod is off ,good luck 

  • canicef

    thnx man it work

  • Paul Raes

    The installation each time hangs with the message “No identifying data fetched”. I cannot find out what I’m doing wrong. I use a iPhone 3GS with OS 4.3.5

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SRBVP3624VMOUBFIVIB4BZHH2M TokyoGrl

    After jailbreaking the phone ,it was okay,until I downloaded a package from Cydia and now it’s stuck in the Apple icon mode. How do I fix it?

    • guess

      u need to hold the power buttom and the home buttom for 15 seconds and after that let go fo the power bottom but keep holding the home buttom for about 5 seconds than connet it to ur usb cable but still hold home buttom and than open itunes and it should recognize ur phone and is gonna say this phone must be restart before using it

  • Vcastrejo

    how fuck do i download redsnow  can can any fucking one make a fucking video how to  i oly see videos how jailbreak  but no how to download the shit that you need to get it done 

    • guees

      on the bottom says donload for windows or mac

  • gMendes217

    man, I made it, but I still can’t put any app on it…I do have cydia, but looks like it didn’t work…suggestions? :D

  • http://www.justmobilephone.com/ Redsnow Download

    redsnow helped me alot..

  • Nize_2K

    cydia and safari work well but my Settings cannot work. Can someone tell me why? Thanks

  • Leadmarketer

    if you have to go through the whole pressing buttons down for ten seconds, then 15 seconds then 2 seconds EVERY TIME you turn your phone on your gonna spend more time restoring the phone than using it lol. Im not saying it hasnt worked for others its just never gone into DFU mode for me

  • Leadmarketer

    doesnt work it just goes to recovery mode

  • guest

    my iphone is stuck in recovery mode and the recovery mode fixer is not working

  • Dusanaritonovic

    iv’e downloaded, jailbreaked and rebooted my iPhone 4. The Cydia icon is white but it works, should i be worried?

  • Dusanaritonovic


  • Rafael_pl

    Thank you very much. :)

  • Trippy

    I did everything, and it all went well….but nothing has changed.  I don’t have a cydia icon????

    • klinger

      try it again. ur not perfect. prolly screwed up somewhere without noticing. 

  • Del Rosario07

    great work mate! it really does work!! thanks alot..

  • Help mee!

    how come after the final stage running pineapple comes up and the moving application…the screen comes up to connet my iphone to itunes…then it says i need to restore it..i cannot get farther then that???

  • Ckwebber

    Im having the same problem as Nolmt60 as well. its a blank app on cydia and it wont load. pls help!!!

    • slksdalkj

      just reboot. It will work then.

  • Nolmt60

    Seem like it loaded cydia, but the icon is plain white. And when i click it cydia doesnt load, just crashes? Any one have that problem?

  • WhiteOwl

    right when i go into DFU mode, when i need to by pass the screen, it says identifying…   then it says could not download required IPSW.  Error with the SHSH blobs.     Im using a ipod touch 4.3.5.

  • Ayachan Kobayashi

    If you respiring do you need to use redsn0w again? Also when you do slide to power off thing do you need redsn0w to power up?

  • Klein_wezentje

    Thank you so very much!

  • Yarnoori

    hey boos I got an Iphone4 and I fold your vedio step by step, but it seems that the redsn0w is not reading my phone. do i need to install anyother softwear? thanks

  • Ziniar13

    thx a lot i wanna mention only that on my iphone 3gs i didnt have to hold the buttons for 3-10-20 secs it identified my device and it started to reboot and its fine…thx again

  • Thaik2011

    thanks   now i got cydia

  • Edgfghvhnbhmhg


    • http://www.besttechinfo.com Tanner Marsh

      No problem!

  • tyson

    Hi i just watched your latest video and used it to jailbreak my sisters iphone but i was wondering if I could use it to update my iphone from 4.1 to 4.3.5 without losing all my contacts and other things.

  • sydney

    Can u make a video on how to get apps and like ur coolest cydia apps to get please please please i would do anything for someone to do that.

  • Hbk_ramzy

    My iphone4 is dead,it said redsnow stopped working?what do I do,please advice.

  • Die_anja87

    Thanks for the great tutorial! my iphone 3gs works perfectly, but when I try to use it with a new SIM-Card, it says “wrong sim” or “locked sim- please enter pin”. What else do I have to do, to unlock my iphone?
    Thanks for ur help!

  • franky

    oh kachi girri(besttechinfo)  pls help me i did jailbreak then i did justboot and then jailbreak worhing normal when i restart and then   my iphoness cydia not working ????? 

  • Alex

    Hi, im on Windows 7 and I tried this, it worked just fine. But, I was on the last step and clicked ‘Just Boot’ and it asked me to go into DFU mode, so I did. It said ‘Identifying..’ and suddenly it said redsn0w has stopped working. Now my ipod wont do anything, please help! (Also I tried re-downloading, didnt work)

    • Alex

      Nevermind ! Thanks everyone. I tried opening again with ipod unplugged, clicked ‘Just Boot’ and plugged in. It works ! Thanks!

      • Abel10a7x

        thank you for your help haha.. it hapened the same to me.. i was scared as fuck D: 


  • Ellen Ji

    it keeps crashing while it says “patching kernel” — please help!! I did everything correctly to enter DFU mode

  • Shaanshan

    ya i know just boot tethered  but same problem cydia and safari not working    plz can u help me

    • Franky

      yescorrect  my too::: help pls

  • dude1

    Szhd: I can help you. You have gone to DFU mode do the steps of dfu mode again and it will be normal

  • Szhd

    Hey @BestTechInfo:disqus 
    I have a problem :/ i was trying to jailbreak my iPod Touch 4G with iOS 4.3.5 when i had an error come up. it said: No Identifying  data fetched. my screen for the iTouch is currently black
    Thanks, Any Help Appreciated.

    • sandhu

      nw u should again restore ur iphone or itouch ..dis will fix the problem i had got dis hundred of times when eva i try to jailbreak my iphone

  • Shaanshan

    hii  my iphone after gailbreaking 4.3.5  cydia and safari not open

    • SnowBoardKing

      Did you goto the section just boot  in the extras after you first applied the jailbreak?
      if you didnt then thats why it isnt working

  • Jjkingsfranklin

    ummm do i have to pay for the new redsnow ?

    • SnowboardKing


  • infectedguppy606

    Why does it download as a .Rar file…? >.>

  • freerunner09

    FUCKYEAH THX !!!!!

  • Cyoungms

    Thank you it worked! Been trying for days…

  • Samjee410

    HI thanks for the posting. My itouch is completely blank and I can’t run anything – perhaps an error occurred during my first jailbreak. I always seem to end up in a screen that says ‘waiting for reboot’. I have tried removing the usb and plugging it back in but this has done nothing. I have tried various things in the ‘extras’ options such as ‘recovery fix’ and ‘just boot’ with no luck. Can I get some help please because I am completely stuck with the itouch being completely blank and non-functional…

    Thanks! :)

    • Adelselim

      i managed to restore the device through itunes, you need to connect you ipod/iphone to itunes keep pressing the switch off button & the home button together then release the power . a msg from itunes will come up asking you to restore the device.
      But still the jailbreaking is not working for me :(

    • sandhu

      hmm u should try to restore it to its factory setting …dis worked for my iphone 4

  • Adelselim

    iam having a problem please help.
    My iphone 4 finished all the process until the reboot part & stopped with the apple logo. doesn’t go further, i tried to repeat the process again but still the same thing.

  • Adelselim

    iam having a problem please help.
    My iphone 4 finished all the process until the reboot part & stopped with the apple logo. doesn’t go further, i tried to repeat the process again but still the same thing.

  • guest 9

    it says that they cannot find the device? why??

  • guest 4

    help i got to the part of just boot and when i click on it it says “redsn0w has stopped working” help asap!! :(

  • kimzy

    using ipod 4g ios 4.3.5. The first part of the jailbreak went perfectly, I got to “extras”, hit “just boot” and then it says redsnow has stopped working…… what to do??????

    • yooooo94

      dude, im on vista and i have the SAME exact problem. it’s been really frustrating me. i hate it. jailbreak turns out successful that the reboot tethered messes up and the whole program shuts down.

      • SnowboardKing

        I know why
        It also happened to me and it’s because you have to set the compatibility mode to Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

        What you do is:      right click on redsn0w.exe, then goto properties click the compatibility section, then check the box in the Compatibility mode section, and finally just select
        Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

  • Ionita_adr

    hy I have a iphone 4 4.3.5 firmwate 04.10 whit gevey sim(turbosim) and i Jailbreak it, after that i got out of battery and it go off and it dont turn on anymore, I found u can turn on from/only pc, can u guys tell me if is a tutorial for that? tgx

  • Karelovesbabykc

    how come my phone doesn’t recognize att sim now? is there anything else i need to do to activate my phone?

  • Hanan

    hello i have a problem when i click ”just boot” in extras it said the the program not responding every time i use vista please help because i stuck here safari not work and cydia of course

    • SnowboardKing

      right click on redsn0w
      Then goto properties
      Then click on the compatibility Tab
      Then check the box in the Compatibility mode Section
      Then change the     Windows XP (Service Pack 3)   to    (Windows XP (Service Pack 2)
      Then your done!!

  • Andrewcheong

    hello, I could have some question may need to ask. For 4.3.4 tethered jailbreak, what should I do every time i have reboot my Iphone 3GS? for example, the battery run down and force to shut down the phone. While i try to open, it not work and just hang there with Apple Symbol. Any way I can resolve it? Thanks.


    hello i know u r probably very bussy but some of us are having problems and getting the following error “NO IDENTIFYING DATA CAN BE FETCH”

  • Hafizkhazali

    this jailbreak for 4.3.4 is tethered or untethered?

    • Scud

      it’s tethered..

  • Scud

    hey I have some questions..and I hope you’ll answer me..or someone plss answer me..

    1. is this untethered?

    2. if I’m already jailbroken on 4.3.3 the I’ll upgrade to 4.3.5, naturally I can’t use my apps ryt?
    my question is..will my games be saved if ever I’m going to update to 4.3.5 then jailbreak it agen?


    • joey

      is not untethered.

      you will not lose what you have accomplished in the games you need to back up before you do anything tho, so that way when you jailbreak again and download the games the saved things will appear again.

  • Iphone4

    how come cydia inside don’t have installous

  • Marcorizzi

    I need to Jailbreak my Ipad 2 with IOS 4.3.5 but with the redsnow shows the message not supported with Ipad 2, somebody knows how to make this, but not with the thetered…..tks….

    • http://besttechinfo.com Tanner Marsh

      Sorry you CAN’T! You CAN ONLY Jailbreak the iPad 2 on 4.3.3 and you cannot downgrade unless you have your SHSH files save (you would know if you did).

  • frank.pardo

    ok i got it i needed to open redsn0w and just go on to extras and go back to reboot

  • frank.pardo

    my homeboys iphone  3g 4.3.5 ……well it has cyida but when it time to reboot it redsn0w cuts off why?????  help plz…mitr..like mr. but i say mitr..get it?

    • http://besttechinfo.com Tanner Marsh

      The iPhone 3G doesn’t support 4.3.5… 

  • Gabrielcarrillo13

    i need help error with shsh blobs? my internet was working

  • Bsim

    I put my ipod in to DFU too early!

  • Hpacifico

    Ok…3rd and final try. Restored iphone(again).  Figured out how to set compatibility to windows xp and then ran it as the administrator. Again, hit”extras”, hit “just boot”, got started in DFU, then got the “redsnow has stopped working again”. Uggghhhh

    p.s. And by the way i’m working with an iphohe 4, running 4.3.5 on AT&T. 

    • SnowboardKing

      Was it  Windows XP (Service Pack 2) ?

  • Hpacifico

    I restored my iphone in itunes and tried the whole process over again…The initial jailbreak went perfectly, I got to “extras”, hit “just boot”, got started in DFU, then got the “redsnow has stopped working again”. The only thing I couldn’t figure out was the right click Redsn0w and set compatibility to windows XP. Tried it, didn’t work.

  • Hpacifico

    After the intial jailbreak, I hit “extras”, “just boot” and windows immeditely tells me redsnow has stopped working ? Now my Iphone is a brick? Thoughts ?

  • Husandeep Singh

    does it work 4 itouch 4 4.3.3

  • Emma_ng1

    it work perfectly!!!

    • http://besttechinfo.com Tanner Marsh

      Ok…. So I guess your problem was resolved? Lol :D 

  • Emma_ng1

    I need help here!!!

  • Emma_ng1

    I need help here!!!

  • Emma_ng1

    i am having problem at the just boot stage!!
    USB cable and itunes logo appears on my iphone 4 (4.3.5) screen

  • Emma_ng1

    i am having problem at the just boot stage!!
    USB cable and itunes logo appears on my iphone 4 (4.3.5) screen

  • Mitchell_harvey24

    so my program quit in the middle and my ipod wont turn back on….

  • Msilva Alejo

    I have an Ipad 2 4.3.5 does this works too for this divice? If not do any body knows when is the jailbreak going to be available for me PLEASE.. :(

  • Mossab09

    when is untethered jailbreak for 4.3.5 coming out?!

    • http://besttechinfo.com Tanner Marsh

      I answer that question in the video.

    • SnowboardKing

      sadly but iOS 5 is coming out in a week or so
      And the Dev team said they found around 5 Untetherable exploits for iOS 5!!!
      I cant wait!!!

  • Mags1907

    I recently bought a iPad 2 came new in box with 4.3.5 any idea when a jailbreak will become available for me. Thanks Matt.

  • Dnangelpj1

    After rebooting, after the extracting bundles… it becomes like an ipod that is brand new so i can’t go on… it is to plug in your ipod and connect with itunes then the itunes wants to restore my ipod so i can’t go further…
    -iPod Touch 3G-

    • http://besttechinfo.com Tanner Marsh

      Sorry that makes no sense… This doesn’t erase ANY OF YOUR DATA! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1822509644 Nikko Angcao

    There is no “Just boot tethered”. What would i do? Please fix this.. ASAP.

    • http://besttechinfo.com Tanner Marsh

      It’s called “Just boot”… Did you watch the video?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1822509644 Nikko Angcao

    Tethered or Untethered?

  • Fawaz Hawchar

    Is this jailbreak tethered or unthethered ?

    • cyberm4rk

      I tried it on my Ipad my error is No identifying data fetched