iPhone 5 VS Galaxy S3: An In-Depth Review

iPhone 5 VS Galaxy S3: An In-Depth Review

There’s no doubting that smartphones have become a way of life. Instead acting as a novelty device, like their predecessors, today’s generation of smartphones are used by millions to quickly and efficiently accomplish work-related tasks, obtain information, connect socially, enjoy rich and engaging games and watch HD videos.

As of recently, there are two new and improved smartphone models that seem to be the focal point of all talk related to mobile tech, the all-new iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S3: arguably the two best smartphones in history.

The question is, which is better? In short, there’s no simple explanation, but rather a multifaceted one. The two phones differ on such a rudimentary level, that it’s near-impossible to say that one is superior to the other.

In this review, we’ll be discuss the design, performance, feel and user interfaces of both the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3.

Design and Build Quality:

The Galaxy S3 is constructed mostly of plastic, whereas the iPhone 5 is completely manufactured from glass and aluminum. Needless to say, the iPhone 5 feels more solid in comparison to the plastic S3, which almost feels cheap.

With that said, the Galaxy S3 is surprisingly light for its size. Moreover, even though the iPhone 5 is both thinner and lighter, the S3 almost seems to weigh less because of its larger form-factor.

iPhone 5 and S3 Performance:

When loading web pages, apps and even returning to the home screen, the iPhone 5 simply outperforms the Galaxy S3. But, is it really noticeable? Unfortunately, for the S3, yes. However, It’s certainly something that can be overlooked if you prefer the Android platform and bigger screen over iOS and the iPhone’s smaller 4-inch display.

Moreover, when running the SunSpider JavaScript test, the dual-core iPhone 5 finished long before the quad-core S3 (a total score of 956.6ms versus 1,425.5ms).

User Interface and iOS vs Android:

iOS versus Android; a topic that has sparked controversy since the two mobile operating systems were first introduced to the public. While this review is mostly focused on the actual devices and how they operate in synchrony with their operating systems, I will say that it’s completely based on personal preference.

Also, as shown in the video embedded above, numerous interfaces on both the iPhone 5 and the S3 have similar appearances and function almost identically, while still offering enough diversity as to be differentiated.

As mentioned numerous times in this review, and its corresponding video, different people have different preferences. With that said, some will be drawn to the iPhone 5′s detail-rich, 16:9 aspect ratio Retina display that can be easily operated with one hand, whereas others might find the larger 4-inch display on Samsung’s Galaxy S3 more enticing.

Stay tuned for additional coverage on both Apple and Samsung and their current flagship smartphones: the iPhone 5 and the S3.

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  • Bill Stanton

    A smaller display with lower resolution is not ‘detail rich’. It just has a smaller pixel size. A 1200×1200 display on a 50″ LCD would show visible pixels while a 600×600 on a postage stamp would not. Which is the ‘more detail rich’..? And while the S3 has plastic body, the screen is the same Gorilla Glass. As for iOS vs Android, I agree Apple is ‘cleaner’ (and more closed) but how long did it take to untether JB 6.x again..? How long will it take next time..?

  • Bill Stanton

    Biased tripe.

  • Rob

    Iphone just does a few things so limited android does so much more it is like a thousand to one. The only way to test the phones correctly is put android os on the iphone a vise versa.

  • user41

    Another persistent inoob review. looking at your site itself makes anyone believe its biased. duh?! Oh well when will you guys accept its over. Android>IOS.

  • Steffen

    iPhone 5 > Galaxy S3, face reality

  • Droid v IPhone

    Unbiased huh?

  • Geek

    Both phones have a solid “fanboy base”. So everyone knows each side is going to fight with each other until the new Samsung whatever comes out, same goes with te iPhone. It doesn’t matter which is better, it matters what suits you. Both platforms have their own specialties. So stop arguing, stop spamming the internet with your arguing. No one else but geeks care (I’m a geek, and I don’t even care), so shut up.

  • Joe

    U didnt even close the apps in the s3 properly(task manager).

  • J Swag

    Great vid! I would have to agree, I prefer iOS over android, i had the s3 and noticed it starts to slow down after a while, so I got the 5 and I must say I’m very impressed!

  • Travis

    I ordered the iPhone 5. I played with the S3, but it just doesn’t seem as nice (it is a cool phone though). One function the S3 has that i wish the iphone 5 had is a burst mode function with the camera.

    • Bob

      Try “Fast Camera” in the app store. Free for a limited time, normally $2.99. It should do what you want.

  • Tomatlover

    Heh, Samsung Galaxy 3 and iPhone 5. I can’t even afford iPhone 3gs ;/ Lucky You.

    • Tanner Marsh

      The GS3 is going back to the store today :D

  • john

    iOS is definitely better than android in every way

    • Arrow44

      I don’t see the iPhone having burst and over 10+ camera options…..also being able to install 3rd party applications…..and having a live wallpaper…and having widget on the homepage…..sorry I got a little carried away there :/

      • Seansbass1

        Jailbreak the iPhone, do your research, masturbate in tears while looking at over 10,000 themes to set your phone apart from anything you could ever dream of including video backgrounds and 3d affects(deepend). Check out the app store with over 3 times as many apps as your market that do EVERYTHING your s3 does plus much more. A jail broken iPhone has absolutely no competitors. You have NFC, but it won’t go big until Apple releases it, it’s a business strategy called second move, apple is the definition of marketing geniuses and they will forever dominate the industry, I don’t like it either, but I’m a realist. Apply lotion to burned areas s3 users. Make a comparison of a jail broken iPhone to a S3 and quit selling out.