iPad Mini Media Event Invitations Expected To Go Out Next Week

iPad Mini Media Event Invitations Expected To Go Out Next Week

According to a report from Fortune, which cites a rather questionable source, Apple may send invitations to select members of the press for a mid-October media event.

While the event could be scheduled to discuss a number of various products or services, Apple would likely use an October media event to introduce a new and smaller iPad. Unofficially dubbed the iPad Mini, numerous rumors suggest the device will feature a screen closer to the size of 7.85 inches than the current third-generation iPad.

As noted by an anonymous source, who happens to be a significant investor in Apple stock, the rumors carry no real merit other than the insider information regarding invitations that are expected to be sent on October 10th.

If the reports of invitations for a second fall media event are accurate, Apple will likely hold said event on Wednesday, October 17th.

Stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple and their proposed upcoming October press conference.

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    an ipad mini would just be an ipodthats slightly larger