iOS 5,5.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak Update, iPhone Unlock And 5.0.1 Downgrade Info, Kindle Fire & More

This is the sixty-second episode of my series titled “BestTechInfo And Rumors”! This series is all about providing current and accurate technology related news and rumors.

In this episode I discuss iOS 5, 5.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak information, the iPhone 4S/4 Unlock, iOS 5.0.1 Downgrade information, my Kindle Fire unboxing and more!

Links to the articles discussed in this episode:

1. 5.0.1 Downgrade Update: TinyUmbrella Updated To Support iOS 5.0.1
2. NEW Amazon Kindle Fire Unboxing
3. How To Root Your Amazon Kindle Fire – “Jailbreak” It
4. Kids Want Either The iPad, iPod Touch, Or The iPhone More Than Anything Else This Holiday Season
5. Developers Have Cracked Siri’s Security Protocol
6. Apple Released iTunes 10.5.1 And iTunes Match To The Public
7. The “iBox” Is One Artist’s Interpretation Of What The iTV Will Be

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