iOS 5 Beta 2 Renders GEVEY SIM Ultra Useless

A couple days ago, I wrote a tutorial on how to unlock your iPhone 4 with any baseband from firmware 4.0-5.0 b1 using the GEVEY Ultra Sim. Well, according to veeence and MuscleNerd (two reliable sources), Apple’s new iOS 5.0 b2 closes the hole that the GEVEY Ultra Sim took advantage of:

While it might be common sense, DO NOT UPGRADE TO iOS 5.0 b2 IF YOU USE THE GEVEY SIM ULRTA (or any variant of the GEVEY SIM – just to be safe).

Hopefully the makers of GEVEY SIM products will find another exploit and bring another great GEVEY SIM product to the market – until then, stay tuned for more GEVEY SIM updates and tutorials!

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