iOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak Update: Two ‘Big Vulnerabilities’ Have Been Discovered

In quick and secretive Jailbreak update, pod2g (a key iOS hacker and security expert that was instrumental in the creation of the iOS 5.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak) revealed that he’s had a “productive week-end”. The famed hacker reported his recent findings in a short and to the point Tweet:

iOS 5.1 6.0 untethered Jailbreak

Recently, pod2g initiated a poll on his blog to determine the fate of the five (now apparently seven) exploits that’ve been confirmed to work on iOS 5.1.

The two newly-discovered exploits could either be used in an iOS 5.1 untethered utility or saved until iOS 6, depending on how pod2g decides to utilize them. Regardless, it goes without saying that these two “kernel land” and “root land” exploits will greatly benefit the Jailbreak community.

With pod2g’s poll to determine how to utilize the known exploits coming to a close in a matter of days, be sure to vote if you haven’t already to determine the future of the Jailbreak community. Stay tuned for full coverage on the iOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak status and news regarding future Jailbreaks.

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  • Genius55

    When is the exact date for this Jailbreak

  • yomomma

    dafuq… y u no release mudafuker!?

  • Ric carausos

    Is it there yet! the untethered jailbreak for IOS 5.1. Please let us know when and where can we have it. Thanks, more power!

  • Ryan Wagner

    Release this shit!

  • JailbreakMyiPod

    Apple must hate you alot…. :P also so no Untered JailBreak??

  • Banditkeith

    I’m gonna tell Apple about this! hehehe, death to those all who pirate apps!

    • Tanner Marsh

      I wouldn’t waste my time if I were you, I guarantee you they already know that pod2g has discovered exploitable vulnerabilities! However, it would be like finding a needle in a haystack for them to try and patch it without knowing where to look! 

    • Juan Chavez


    • Ktruo

       All this from internal Apple what you thinking!!!

    • Pain

       Banditkeith uR a fking idiot

    • JustSomeHaćkėr

      Some how,some way, someone will find a new private app.. It will NEVER stop…

    • Niggėr

      You cant stop the power of haxs :P apple might >:(

    • Iphonewins007

      he he he

  • Atadres

    why not burn the 5 exploits he has that alrady allow for a jailbreak and keep these 2 secret for ios 6? and if he does keep all 7 exploits secret  and apple manages to find them and patch them without a jailbreak then what benefit do we gain from the wait ? it would just backlash on pod2g  really bad with the discovery of these 2 new ones a 5.1 release should be done while keeping the kernal land and root land for 6.0 it gives him the option of releasing a 5.1 using the older exploits and having a edge upon 6.0

    • yubert

       I think he needs all seven to jailbreak 5.1 so he will lose all 7 if he makes the 5.1 jb. And you do not know if apple has found these exploits as the probably only patch the exploit found by the jailbreakers, instead of actively searching for them themselves.