iOS 5.0 And 5.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak By pod2g [VIDEO]

Early this morning pod2g, a reputable iOS hacker and developer, released a video demonstrating his untethered Jailbreak for 5.x on his iPod Touch third generation.

After pod2g’s Jailbreak is complete and working for all pre-A5-based devices, he mentioned that he will work on getting it compatible with the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2. He also confirmed that his Jailbreak will indeed work for iDevices on 5.0.1:

Here’s the video demonstration of pod2g’s Jailbroken iPod Touch (third generation) rebooting:

With that said, stay tuned and check back often for more news related to the untethered 5.0 and 5.0.1 Jailbreak!

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  • Jaksdf

    should release it for christmas (:

  • jhjhjhjhjhj

    how/can u download it ????

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  • Earth1

    Where can we download it ????????????

  • J_Lawlor

    So this works on 3GS as well? Can I jailbreak my 3GS on iOS 5.0.1 if i upgraded from 5.0 over the air

  • Jumbocrab34

    it will be released on christmas


      Today is christmas! Where can you get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arcelious

    Nice job apple need’s to stop their slim shadyness…siri on the iphone 4s….what a crook of s&*t….the saga continue’s!

  • Riko Miraka

    NIce job i hope it will be soon great job

  • Argiris Bothos

    where can we download it?is it out yet?or when its gonna be?im waiting like ages for this untethered version!

  • jaaronrl

    i have 5.0.1 hope it works 

  • Jaylen King

    omq yay i need this on my iphone 4 5.0.1 badd stock ios is borinq i need customization from cydia, iphones and without cydia is like a human without air. 

  • Bigbosscj

    so when will this jailbreak be released?

  • Adalemayer

    Release date?

  • Vayne55

    Ok, so right now this will work for iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4? Or is this just to show progress on an untethered jailbreak with an iPod for an example…

    FNCiCo iPhone

    • Vayne55

      Sorry, just read this post over again. Nevermind.

      • Tanner Marsh

        It’s ok, I’m glad you found the answer :D 

        • Tannermashsuck

          so suck tanner marsh

  • kfive78

    That’s awesome. Hope it is finished soon!!!

    • Ale

      so, when is the untethered jailbreak for iPhone 3GS v 5.0 is going to be released? I need to unlock my phone to work with international carrier. Can someone please tell me??? 

      • Ale

        And what happens if I jailbreak my phone and then when the untethered jailbreak is released I want to switch to that, is that even possible?

        • Davo42002