iCloud Beta Portal Adds Notes And Reminders, As Well As Improvements

iCloud Beta Portal Adds Notes And Reminders, As Well As ImprovementsIn May it was reported that Apple was testing improvements and additions to the web-based desktop version of their iCloud services. Today, Apple has added functionality to the leaked developer portal that was previously discovered (beta.icloud.com).

Upon successfully logging in to the beta portal, developers will be greeted by the icons pictured above. While four of the seven icons are tagged with the familiar “Beta” writing, only two of them are new additions to the site: Reminders and Notes.

Even though the Find My iPhone and Calendar features of the iCloud site have been present since the service first launched, they’ve both been slightly revamped.

Find My iPhone has been upgraded to include a battery percentage indicator for located devices. Additionally, users will be able to gauge approximately how long they have to locate their device before the battery is drained.

As for the Calendar portion of Apple’s web-based iCloud services, the only notable difference is the removal and individuation of the Reminders function.

With iOS 6 scheduled to be publicly released this fall, these new additions to Apple’s iCloud site will presumably go live alongside iOS 6′s big debut. Stay tuned for additional coverage on Apple and their services.

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