How To Unlock Any iPhone 4S,4,3GS Jailbroken On 5.1, 5.0.1, 5.0 Via SAM

SAM (or Subscriber Artificial Module), the utility that can Unlock any iPhone on any baseband, was recently updated and it’s extraordinarily easier to use. This tutorial will walk you through the simple steps required to Unlock any iPhone model, with any baseband, running on any firmware (so long as the utility can installed properly). This software-based Unlock method even supports the iPhone 4S and the latest Jailbreakable firmwares!


1. If your iPhone isn’t Jailbroken, you need to Jailbreak it prior to this tutorial – follow one of the guides below to accomplish that:

2. Open Cydia, go to the Manage -> Sources section, tap the “Edit” button (top right), tap the “Add” button (top left) and add the following source:

3. Once the source is added, go back to Cydia and install “SAM” (or Subscriber Artificial Module) from the bingner repo

4. Go to the options portion of SAM by either launching the SAMPrefs app on your Springboard, or by navigating to it via the Settings app

5. With your official SIM card inserted, go to “More Information”, tap “Spoof Real SIM to SAM”, tap “OK” when prompted and return to the main SAMPrefs screen

6. Plug your iPhone into your computer via USB, open iTunes, go to your iPhone under devices (in the left sidebar), close iTunes and leave your iPhone plugged in for the remainder of this tutorial

7. Eject your official SIM card and insert the SIM that you intend to unlock the iPhone for use with

8. Open iTunes, go to your iPhone under devices (in the left sidebar), close iTunes, change the “Method” inside of SAMPrefs to “Auto Detect”, disable SAM from the main screen by toggling off the “Enabled” switch and go to your homescreen

9. Open iTunes, ignore any errors, close and reopen iTunes (at this point you should have service)

Congratulations, you’ve successfully unlocked your iPhone!

NOTE #1: If Push notifications stop working properly, just use the “clear push” utility built into SAMPrefs, plug your iPhone into your computer via USB and launch iTunes.

NOTE #2: If this tutorial doesn’t work, you can attempt the more complex Unlock method

Click here to be taken to my video tutorial on YouTube

Stay tuned for future unlock tutorials!

Owner and webmaster of Jailbreak Tech Info. Tanner is also a professional Jailbreak tutorial writer, the main reporter for Jailbreak Tech Info and owner of the YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice. Feel free to shoot him an email at with any questions or comments.

  • Johan

    How do i upgrade from iOS beta 6 to real iOS 7? And how do i know if I’m on the beta version or not?

  • Sherrell Smart

    There is a free iPhone unlocker you can do straight from your phone….
    Just go to -> myunlocker .org right from your iPhones internet

    Follow the instructions and boom… iPhone unlocked.

  • avskrsth

    hey, i bought my phone4s from canada but now m in India. and 4s is not working in indian network…… what shall i do now??? ne suggestion.

  • finleymc

    will this work on ios 6 and with a virgin sim am in the uk?

  • David

    Ok i tried to activate my iphone4 but is wasn’t reading my sim card keep saying no sim, so i did redsnow it n bypass the sim activation part but how do i unlocke the iphone if it not reading my sim cards?? PLEASE HELP!!!

  • 993nv

    Hi, Ive done both unlocking procedures for a jailbroken 4S on 5.1.1. I ge to the end of the simple unlocking procedure and ge the signal bars bu not the carrier name. After doing the more complex method, I do not get the service bars. If I check my Settings-About, the carrier name is there but it’s not on the top left of the home screen. If I try to make a call – it fails.
    Help please!!

  • gdubbs

    Hi. This worked all the way to the last step, buy my phone never connects to a network. Any suggestions? I’m using an iPhone 3GS, purchased in the US, but I moved to Germany and am trying to use a O2 sim card.

  • Tomibaravalle

    hi i have bought and iphone 4s already jailbroken and i have tried to unlick it but i dont have the original sim card im actually in Argentina so i cannont get one at&t theres anothe option to get it unlock it ? the version is 5.0.1 

  • Jackranderson1

    Sir I followed the steps perfectly and at the end itunes says ‘The SIM card inside does not appear to be supported’ I’m using a giffgaff sim… please help :(

  • Itssme In

    hi .. I am planning to unlock my phone and have a doubt.. u said “we need to insert the sim which we need to use”- Does that mean that it wont work with any other sim or should we need to do the same process again for the other sim as well.. 

  • Katebrown2000

    please how can you help me as i have an AT&T iphone 4 but i am presently in india so i dont have an AT&T sim card to unlock my phone

  • Dwillke

    Not working, unfortunately is there any other way to unlock it?

  • Chayacate2004

    i heard the SAM doesn’t work any more. is that correct? hopping not. thanks

    • Hellojay

      Yeah, that’s correct. Apply fixed it. -_- 

  • Papisall

    hello i can unlock all iphone but only from at&t carrier if ya interesseted send me mail on papisall@hotmail:disqus .com

    • Bagels809

      hey can you email me bro necesito desbloquear mi telefono iphon4 si puedes ayudar me este es mi email porfavor.

  • Chris

    ???? i have a 4s and it was jailbroken on the 5.0 version. like an idiot i upgraded to the 5.1 now what do i do wait for the unlock or is there a solution to unlock it again?

  • Bmukasa

    This will certainly not work as of 28th april….. APPLE FIXED THIS SECURITY EXPLOIT.

  • Chattha90

    it did not worked

  • Mileshu616

    Does this work??? I tried it and can’t get it to work!

  • Anmolintoronto

    It won’t work at all now apple fixed their mistake and everyone was taking benefits for their mistake and now finally they fixed it. :(

  • Jose Balarezo

    :( had the unlock already done, but “push notifications” were not working well so tried the “note 1″ on this tutorial and messed up my unlock… now its not working at all!! what can I do?

  • Imran7100

    Tried to unlock my phone with this method numerous time (as well as the
    complex Unlock method), but every time received a message in iTunes “The
    SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported” 

    • chakin

       I have the same problem, suqqestion ?

      • Congson1995

        Me too! :(( since i updated SAM and nothing worked. :((

        • John Eli225

          i have the same problem

  • Omana2015

    does this work on verizon iphone 4s

  • M Marioutina

    Tried to unlock my phone with this method numerous time (as well as the complex Unlock method), but every time received a message in iTunes “The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported” and no service was ever detected with my T-Mobile SIM card. I went to my service provider retailer and they confirmed that my SIM card was activated…

    • KaiCill

      I have the same problem

  • iy2w

    i have an iPhone 4s sprint will the unlock work for me?

  • Carbonbadu

    Sir I don’t have the official sim card please tell me how do I unlock it

  • guardiandevil

    no good! i’m from philippines and it doesn’t work. i did all the steps for almost 20 times now and still i failed! i also tried the complex method but same old result, FAILURE!!!

  • Haston123

    Hey guys. I am in Brazil and want to unlock my AT&T phone to use here. My carrier is TIM. I tried the longer method and my carrier was not listed among those on the list, so the method didn’t work. I am now trying the new, shorter, method and it is still not working. I am on the new upgrade 5.1 with bandwidth 04.12.01 and the phone is already jail broken. Any suggestions? Thanks. 

    • Papisall

       hello i can unlock all iphone but only from at&t carrier if ya interesseted send me mail on papisall@hotmail:disqus .com

  • Sebastian

    i cant send picture messages now on tmobile?

  • Abudyak7

    That source is not working anymore in cydia. can someone help? please

  • Trythecomputerguy

    I was wondering if anyone has H2O or o2 wireless (what ever they’re called) and if they re using it now?  I think that’s the AT&T equivalent for the iPhone with AT&T.  I’m also wondering what the Verizon equivalent is for service? If I’m not mistaken, H2O wireless only charges $40 or $50 for unlimited AT&T service like Metro PCS does but uses the AT&T system.  Anyone out there have any experience doing this? 

    • Jakeworld

      H2O uses AT&T and SIM works automatically, but phone is NOT Unlock, no need to use SAM

  • Mario Ortega

    I have the original sim but it is not connected I am currently using a nother sim from AT&T and it is not compatible and I want to move to a tmobile but I don’t want to get the sim if the AT&T one might not work

  • Blenz69

    after doing this, will any sim work in the phone or just the one used
    during the procedure?  if not any sim, is there an easy way to swap in
    different sims or do you have to go through the whole process each time
    for each sim?

    • Tanner Marsh

      Unfortunately, it will only work with the SIM that you use for this procedure. Additionally, if you eject that SIM, you’ll have to restart the process (I know, it’s a PAIN)! 

      • Blenz69

         ok, thanks.  yea, that’s a pain, but it works, so def. worth it!  thanks again!

      • WaSTeD

        for me it work for the same sim even if i eject it , it still work and no need to redoo all the steps .

  • Vijay

    Unlocked successfully. For guys in India,Karnataka –  it works only with Vodafone, BSNL and Reliance sims as inside the SAM module the SIM IDS for other service providers are incorrect.a

    • Samhithreddy7

      hello can it work on tata docomo …..please reply i am waiting for you

      • Nikunj

         i just unlock my airtel sim in iphone 4. might be forgot to mention airtel and may be even tata docomo. so its simple dont listen to anybody just give it try.

    • Aman Suri

      Will it work on Idea ? i have a 4s from verizon and it has bad MEID # and i dont have original sim ? please advise

  • Johnsmith1990

    hi i have a iphone 4s the unlock word for me but my imei is blocked any way around it can anyone help me please

  • Rachel Minyi Lei

    suddenly working on my iphone 4. i got singal bars… now, i can use my facttime     

  • Rachel Minyi Lei

    I followed all the step. open my itune still said sim-card not support~~~ waste my time.

  • Lans

    what if i don’t have my original sm card from japan(softbank)? pls help me tanner. thank you so much!

  • Carlos

    hi, one question if i turn phone off and turn on still unlocked ? and if u update or restore loose the unlock ??

  • geMok

    i don’t have original sim card.. i’m in egypt and i bought the iphone from some freaky bull-**** from egyptian from US..; i don’t know the original carrirer is and know nothing!!!! please help me.. 

    • Tanner Marsh

      The longer method MIGHT work for you. I recommend trying it (refer to “Note #2″ in the post).

      • geMok

        nope.. didn’t work… this is my first time of using iphone.. how can it be so bad like this???

    • WaSTeD

      just use method 2 , we hateshtaghal , we ghaleban adam mn us yeb2a at& t

  • Shawqi Saeed

     This method worked great for me I unlocked two Iphone’s and one Iphone 4s as with it.

  • Jon Pullen

    my original sim says no service does that matter?

    • Tanner Marsh

      Depends on if it’s deactivated… In theory, it should work! 

  • Anchit_shethia002

    What if i dont have the orignal simcard?

    • Tanner Marsh

      Then just use a SIM card that corresponds with the original carrier. 

      • alfred

        hi im from philippines.. my iphone 4 was bought in us. i dont know what the original carrier is.. what should i do sir? pls help.. thanks!

  • Anchit Shethia

    Video isnt showing up. ” An error occured “