How To Root Your Amazon Kindle Fire – “Jailbreak” It

This post will walk you through the complicated steps required to root your Amazon Kindle Fire and gain Superuser access - it’s the Android equivalent to Jailbreaking an iOS device.

Steps (Windows only):

1. Tap on quick settings in the upper right corner of the screen and go to More -> Device and then toggle on “Allow Installation of Applications From Unknown Sources”

2. Download and install the Android SDK Manager (before the installation, it will ask you to install Java SE Development Kit (JDK) if you don’t already have it installed – make sure you install it prior to installing the Android SDK Manager)

  • NOTE I recommend changing the Android SDK Manager path to C:\Android

3. Run the Android SDK Manager and once it’s finished loading packages, uncheck Android 4.0 and check Android 2.3.3 and then hit “Install 5 packages…”

4. Select “Accept All” ad then hit “Install” – this will take some time. When you get a popup that says “A package that depends on ADB has been updated. Do you wish to restart ADB now” select yes

5. Once it’s complete, scroll down to the bottom of Android SDK manager’s packages list and check off “Google USB Driver package” (it’s inside of extras) and then hit
“Install 1 package…”

6. Navigate to “C:\Android\extras\google\usb_driver”, right click on “android_winusb”, select “open with” and then choose Notepad.

  • NOTE the destination of your Android SDK Manager installation might be different, it just depends what you set it at during Step 2

7. Find the lines [Google.NETx86] and [Google.NTamd64], then paste the following text under both of the lines and save it (refer to the video if this step is confusing):

;Kindle Fire

%SingleAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_1949&PID_0006

%CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_1949&PID_0006&MI_01

8. In Windows Explorer, type “%USERPROFILE%” in the path bar and then click on the “Organize” drop down menu, go to the view tab, check off “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” and then hit “Apply” and “Ok” (this is so that we can access the required folder in Step 9)

9. In Windows Explorer, type “%USERPROFILE%” in the path bar, open “.android”, right click on “adb_usb”, select “open with” and then choose Notepad.

10. Delete anything that’s inside of the “adb_usb” file and replace it with the following code: 0×1949

11. Plug in your Kindle Fire via USB and then open “Device Manager” – you can simply search for it in the start menu

12. Once inside of “Device Manager”, you’ll see your kindle under “other devices”, right click on the Kindle Fire and select “Update Driver Software”, click “Browse my computer for driver software” select “Browse…”, navigate to C:\Android\extras\google\ and then click “OK”. If you receive a warning about Windows not being able to verify the publisher of the driver software, simply click “Install the driver software anyway”. Once successful, you will receive a confirmation stating that it correctly installed the “Android Composite ADB Interface” and you’ll now see your Kindle Fire under a new section called “Android Phone”

  • NOTE the destination of the google folder might be different, it just depends what you set it at during Step 2

13. Open the start menu, type in cmd, open Command Prompt (it should be the only result that comes up) and type the following one line at a time:

cd Android
cd platform-tools
adb kill-server
adb devices

If you were successful, you should get something like this after the last command:
List of devices attached
4A76002600000001 device

  • NOTE the second line “cd Android” could vary depending on where you installed the Android SDK Manager in step 2

14. Download SuperOneClick, extract it and run the SuperOneClick application and click “Root” in the upper left and corner of the SuperOneClick application window and just click yes to any and all of the popups

Download Section:

Stay tuned for more awesome Amazon Kindle Fire tutorials including a tutorial on how to get the Android Market and a “normal” Android Interface (as demonstrated in the video).

Owner and webmaster of Jailbreak Tech Info. Tanner is also a professional Jailbreak tutorial writer, the main reporter for Jailbreak Tech Info and owner of the YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice. Feel free to shoot him an email at with any questions or comments.

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  • Ivan molina

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    I am already on my second attempt of installing the packages.  Earlier someone mentioned that the KYOCERA API may not be a problem (can someone please confirm)?  But what about the “failed to rename” problem?


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    I had the exact same problem and would get this once in finished with command prompt instruction. I followed the instruction someone commented on this post.

    This part of the instruction is wrong.

    10. Delete anything that’s inside of the “adb_usb” file and replace it with the following code: 0×1949

    Do not delete anything just simply add 0×1949.

    It should look like this
    # USE ‘android update adb’ TO GENERATE.

    This is also the reason why you would get this in the command prompt.

     C:Androidplatform-tools>adb devices*daemon not running. starting it
    now on port 5037 **daemon started successfully *List of devices attached

    When it should be like this

    List of devices attached
4A76002600000001 device

    I was able to root it in superoneclick in less then 1 minute after correcting this error.

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    Do you still have access to Amazon Cloud?! 

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    C:Androidplatform-tools>adb devices*daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 **daemon started successfully *List of devices attachedC:Androidplatform-tools>
    Shouldn’t it say “List of devices attached
4A76002600000001 device”?

    • Djaws

      I had the same thing happen to me on two different computers.

    • Djaws

      I had the same thing happen to me on two different computers.

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  • Mjcolyer

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    The only thing different is that SDK Manager could not download correctly the Dual Screen Kyocera package. Once it failed like 3-4 times, I forgot about it and continued as is, without further issues.Waiting by the minute for the Android Market tutorial.Thanks!

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  • Stevwat

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  • Sdf

    One note on the adb_usb.ini file–

    The text inside should look like this:
    # USE ‘android update adb’ TO GENERATE.
    0x1949You should NOT delete all of it. When I tried running superoneclick, the app crashed on me. The cmd wouldn’t show any number/address after “List of Devices Attached”. To see if the device WAS attached, I typed:adb kill-serveradb start-serverYou should see something talking about daemon or whatever on port 5037. Now type:adb devicesIf the device still doesn’t show up then you either 1) incorrectly installed the right android package on your computer or 2) you did not edit the adb_usb.ini file correctly.

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      List of devices attached
4A76002600000001 device

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      daemon started succesfully port 5037
      List of devices attached

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3908000600000001 device????

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