How to Jailbreak 6.1 Untethered iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS iPod touch & iPad Mini, 4,3,2

Today, the evad3rs released the public version of evasi0n: the first Untethered Jailbreak utility for iOS 6, which not only includes Apple’s latest iOS 6.1 firmware, but also 6.0, 6.0.1 and 6.0.2! Thankfully, the new utility also supports all iOS 6-based devices (except the third generation Apple TV) and includes the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad mini, iPod touch 5th generation, iPod touch 4th gen and the Apple TV 2.

Update: This tutorial has been revised to include support for the iPhone 4S on iOS 6.1.1.

First, before we continue, you will need the following:

how to jailbreak 6.1 untethered

  • One of the iOS-based devices listed above running either iOS 6, 6.0.1, 6.0.2, 6.1 or 6.1.1 (exclusive to the iPhone 4S) that hasn’t been upgraded via Apple’s over the air (OTA) update feature. If you did perform an over the air update, simply back up your device via iTunes, restore to the latest iOS 6.1 firmware (you’ll find a download link below), complete this tutorial to Jailbreak and restore from your iTunes backup to retrieve your data.
  • Evasi0n (available in the download section below)

Steps (for Mac, Windows and Linux users):

1. Open evasi0n after downloading it and place the Jailbreak utility in an easy-to-access location on your computer – preferably the desktop.

  • If you’re on Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8, you must first set the compatibility mode to Windows XP Service Pack 2 and run the evasi0n tool as an administrator by right clicking.

2. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer via a USB cable and click “Jailbreak”.

3. Ensure that your iDevice remains connected to your computer and refrain from touching it.

4. Unlock your iOS-based device when prompted, as shown in the video, and tap the Jailbreak icon once.

  • Note 1: The first few automated steps for evasi0n can certainly take a decent amount of time to complete and will vary depending on the amount of data on your device (for quicker results, restore to the latest iOS 6.1 firmware and then Jailbreak – see the above section about OTA updating).
  • Note 2: If you have a security passcode set, you’ll be required to remove it before you can fully Jailbreak, otherwise you may encounter issues.

Congratulations, you now have an Untethered Jailbreak on iOS 6, 6.0.1, 6.0.2, 6.1 or 6.1.1!

Jailbreak iOS 6.1.1 on the iPhone 4S: If you have an iPhone 4S running Apple’s latest 6.1.1 firmware, watch the below video in its entirety for a step-by-step guide.

Untethered: Your iOS-based device is Untethered, which means you won’t be required to plug in via USB and re-run a certain part of the utility every time you wish to reboot – simply power your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad off and back on again.

Download Evasi0n:

Download Evasi0n version 1.4 for Mac

Download Evasi0n version 1.4 for Windows

Thank you for reading. We hope you enjoy your Untethered iOS 6 Jailbreak: be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google+ and stay tuned for coverage on future Jailbreaks.

Owner and webmaster of Jailbreak Tech Info. Tanner is also a professional Jailbreak tutorial writer, the main reporter for Jailbreak Tech Info and owner of the YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice. Feel free to shoot him an email at with any questions or comments.

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    I just jailbroke my iPhone 5 on iOS 6.1.4 UNTETHERED from www . evasi0njb . net Thumbs up so everyone sees! :D

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    • stephen

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    • Jace

      You have to restore to completely remove the jailbreak. Then you can re jailbreak

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  • kevin mendoza

    um i tried but my iphone got jacked up by that i mean cydia did not install,appstore is not
    there,most of the important things are not there plz help me(by the way tried reseting it)

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      Ensure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed.

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      Cydia isn’t used to download things for free from the “App Store.” Cydia is a user interface that allows you to manage and add sources that contain 3rd party apps and tweaks. Now, it is possible to use Cydia to install an application that downloads and installs .ipa files from hosted sites on the Internet. If you want to install cracked apps, search in Cydia for “appsync” and install it. Then google search “iphonecake” in safari and download “appcake” from their site. You will use Appcake to find, download, and install applications. You WILL need to install appsync from Cydia first.

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