Hands-On Video Of Leaked Next-Generation ‘iPhone 5′ Housing And Parts Emerges

Hands-On Video Of Leaked Next-Generation 'iPhone 5' Housing And Parts EmergesAfter yesterday’s “iPhone 5″ back housing and parts were leaked by iLab, Macotakara created a short hands-on video with some of the same parts. The video, embedded below, provides more angels of the housing and an accurate representation of how the next-generation iPhone may look when held.

The report notes that a specific flex cable, which apparently connects the volume buttons, silent toggle switch and lock button, also connects to the opposite side of the device. It’s said that this could be for connecting unknown parts or an antenna of sorts – presumably for NFC (near field communication).

The iPhone 4S has a similar set-up, the volume buttons, silent toggle and power button are all connected via the same component. However, this newly leaked part doesn’t incorporate the head phone jack port or the noise canceling microphone found on the top of the iPhone 4S. The 3.5mm head phone jack port is likely to migrate towards the bottom of the next-generation iPhone.

While recent leaks are certainly convincing in the sense that they’re all of the same basic parts and design, Tim Cook (Apple’s current CEO) made it abundantly clear at this year’s World Wide Developers Conference that Apple has “doubled” their security and will prevent future leaks. Is it possibly that these series of leaks have nothing to do with the next-generation iPhone and are just a publicity stunt, could they have been leaked by Apple themselves to distract from the official design? We’ll find out soon enough. Apple’s upcoming iPhone will likely be announced this fall, closer to iOS 6′s public release. Stay tuned for complete coverage.

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      There is, it’s just above the upper speaker grill. 

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