Giveaway: Apple’s New iPad

Apple 3rd Generation New iPad Giveaway

Today I’m pleased to announce the giveaway that BestTechInfo is hosting in collaboration with iPodUplink – we’ll be giving away one of the brand new iPads that’s scheduled to be released on March 16th (16GB Wi-Fi model).

Update: The giveaway is officially over and the winner (btu_s1@*******.com) was chosen at random. Thank you all for participating and making this giveaway possible – stay tuned for future events.

The requirements for our giveaway are simple, you must like our Facebook pages, subscribe to our YouTube channels and sign up for our newsletters.









BestTechInfo (Simply sign up with your name and email in the sidebar)

JBN and iPodUplink’s Newsletter (Make Sure To Confirm)

Once you’ve done those three things, that’s it, you’re entered to win. We’ll be selecting winners in a couple weeks based on the tree requirements listed above.

The winner will be chosen at random and everyone has a fair chance at winning – we wish you all the best of luck!

Owner and webmaster of Jailbreak Tech Info. Tanner is also a professional Jailbreak tutorial writer, the main reporter for Jailbreak Tech Info and owner of the YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice. Feel free to shoot him an email at with any questions or comments.

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  • Gabriel Lefloch

    lol,i hope i’m the luckiest

    • Marcojacobo150

      read it carefully.. march 16th.. its may 6

      • Gabriel Lefloch

        i posted that 2 months ago……..maybe you should read it carefully

  • Gabriel Lefloch

    thanks a lot for all of your giveaways
    May the luckiest win :)

  • samer samir

    Wish to Win !!!!!!


    ofcourse… no one will win due to the fact that this giveaway is not real. they choose email address and accounts they made up. this is not real people! wake up! Real giveaways can be found at the mall areas!

  • Sergeykarchmit

    need to win * and anyone notice the error? Once you’ve done those three things, that’s it, you’re entered to win. We’ll be selecting winners in a couple weeks based on the TREE requirements listed above.The winner will be chosen at random and everyone has a fair chance at winning – we wish you all the best of luck!

  • Mayrac559

    I never win at these giveaways grrr!!

  • Rdpenny24

    want it so bad…

  • Rdpenny24

    how to win? i mean how to join?

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  • fxoxc

    i want a iPad I want to know what its all about!!!

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    I want to win ^__^

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    I always wanted an Ipad! ..if i win i’ll shout YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YESSSSS!!! 

  • Uditchampaneria

    awesome competition…………….

    • Uditchampaneria

       my mom eagerly wants ipad and i want to gift her as i can not afford this………..

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    really want this

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    Thank you so much my friend

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  • Giovanni

    Would love to have it I’ve had one but some one stole it please give it to me

  • Rsab72

    Don’t have an iPad yet. Would be sweet. Keep it up.

  • Will Menicucci

    Pick me pleasee

  • Jack Jackson

    Thank you for giving us an opportunity so big. I appreciate it.

  • Jorge

    Come on i hope i win i never had an ipad and i bet my life i dont have one. 

  • Shawqi Saeed

    hope I win

  • Mike Caraballo

    I would love to Win so i can give it to my sweet Mother that works hard & loves to read!! Her B-day is coming up =-)

    • Plsouth

      thats really nice of you :)

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    i want to win this :)

  • Gabriel Lefloch

    whene  i try to subscribe to the news letters
    i dont reiceive any confirmation link on my gmail account

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    dunno what i’d do without this channel. always check with icu before i monkey around on my idevices!

  • † Keeping It 100%

    Juan Lugo /

  • Gabriel Lefloch

    i wonder if the random choice will be me :)
    And i really like your site tanner

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    Steven Sepulveda / 

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    I want to win…pick me

  • Adriana

    Adriana Naji and

  • Jt_alegria

    Please pick me .   i <3 The New iPad :D

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    pick me

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    me, i want to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin

    entered this months ago… hope i win though :D it would be a great bday present for me xD

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    good luck every one  win win ipad!

  • Guest

     Love all of your videos I hope I win

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    Love your videos keep them coming! 

  • Arav Bhatt

    there is no mail sent to me from JBN

  • Gabriel Lefloch

    Continue the great job tanner 
    i love your vids

  • Ruben Best

    I don’t have Facebook. I hate how this is a requirement. Bullshit, Facebook sucks ass. Twitter is not an option? Cause I follow all 3 for years now and have been subed on YouTube ever sense I was a noob to IOS

  • Alexpark099

    I love watching ur videos! I hope I win! :)

  • Zheng Pantalonay

    Entered :) I sooo hope I win. But if i dont then whoever the winner is, Enjoy your new iPad! :D

  • Jlim0621

    Done i really hope i win for this.



  • Alord7

    guys posting things like i hope i could win isnt gonna help your chances as he said its a random choice.

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    I hope I could win

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    I’ve always wanted one!

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    i want it badly

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    i hope i win :D 

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    done it all perfect

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    I hope i get picked but its not like i ever won anything.

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    You guys are awesome!

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    I can’t find the subscription tab… I hope I can still enter! ^_^

  • Hunter Green

    You guys are awesome! (:

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    my birthday was in 16 march! does that means anything? :)

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    I hope to win the new ipad.. i have entered every giveaway there is out there but with no luck.. i hope this time my luck is better ;-)

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    hope i win 

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    please ,i hope i win, i tried since 2010 till now….

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    i like the ios 5

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    PLz pick me plz i wanna win plz 

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    Good luck everyone!!

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    Got to LOVE giveaways!

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    i hope i win i have always wanted an ipad and it would be my first idevice if i win it

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    wat do i do to win this ipad

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    good luck people!

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    I hope I win because i have never won anything online before

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    Im going to Win! :D

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    Hope I win!

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    i hope i win becouse then i a can play with my friends 3 of my friends got ipad 2 and 1 got ipad 1 :(
    i realy hope i win
    but i dont think there is a chance becouse i never have won somethin on the internet.

  • Rgauci5800

    hope to win the competition because i really want my first iproduct

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    I really want the ipad! i have an android and its laggy as shit! thanks bro in advance!

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    Thanks for doing the giveway

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    I hope I win. :D

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    will it go oversea?

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      hoping for it :) i subbed and liked ur pages

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        and signed up for ur newsletters

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          how do you sing up to the newsletters ? 

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    can u plz give me the new ipad!! because my parents dont want to buy it for me they say its too expensive!! and plz send me a message when a untethered ios 5.1 comes out plz !!

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    i hope i win!!!!! wish me luck

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    i want one!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Oh god, i hope i win!

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    Oh boy, I wish I win this SOOO bad.


    Great infomation Jut love your work. looking foward to win……

    Thanks a bunch……….

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    le me wanting to win!

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    I’ve been following this series for a while now and i REALLY love it!
    Its the only place i trust for jailbreak news! I hope i win so much!!!

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    I HOPE I WIN !

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    i hope i win

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    hope i win !

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    i need this so bad i love apple but only have an ipod touch 4g. hopin to get lucky :D

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    Hoping to get a lucky chance .)

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    good giveaway

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    i hope i win thanks for the chance

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    I hope I win an iPad! Thanks for the fair giveaway!

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    Signed up for your newsletter, liked you both on Facebook, and following both on YouTube as shel704, thanks for the chance.

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    awesome. if you guys keep doing like this, gonna have a hugeee followers :)

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    What if i don’t have a Facebook??

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    ill take one please

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      Same here

  • Matimc97

    Yeah :D thanks for a new giveaway. I already subscribed on the newsletter (i was already subbed on youtube). Hope to win this, good luck to everyone!

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      Where I’d the link to subscribe to BTI’s news letter I can find it?

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    all the best everyone i sure hope i win it :D

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    I just followed them alll…… I hope … I win it!!!! Never had an iPad :) thank you…

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    Hoping of winning..
    Will be really very much thankful if i win……

  • Vul3u

    Hoping of winning..
    Will be really very much thankful if i win……

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    the new ipad looks cool

  • Bridget Rangel

    im a fan here! hoping to win! thanks for this great opportunity! :D

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    thanks for another giveaway…i want that new ipad


    Very big fan of the site and videos. Thank you for the opportunity to win something so awesome. Means a lot.

  • MacProClub

    Is there a way to enter without Facebook and twitter?

    • Tanner Marsh

      You need to like on Facebook

      • MacProClub

        Yeah but I don’t have facebook