First Leaked Alleged iPhone 5S And iPhone 6 Component Images Surface

New Leaked iPhone 6 and 5S PartsRecently, a French site by the name of Nowhereelse posted a pair of images that are allegedly the speaker enclosures for both Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 5S and the far-off iPhone 6. While the two parts appear similar in design, there are several variations that differentiate the two. Most notably, the acclaimed speaker enclosure for the “iPhone 6″ is significantly smaller and much more compact than the supposed iPhone 5S part.

Unfortunately, it’s near-impossible to determine whether the components are legitimate and intended for future iPhone models.

Leaked Apple iPhone 5S And 6

In the past, Nowhereelse has publicized numerous accurate photos of various iDevice components, which have typically originated from various sources residing in Asia. Stay tuned for complete coverage on the plethora of iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 leaks that will inevitably follow in the weeks and months to come.

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  • WhiteBeZ

    I just hope Apple Give us a amazing iPhone next time.. To me the iPhone 5 was a BUSS. I returned 3 no work’n iPhone 5. If it wasn’t for the JB.. I would have me a Samsung or google phone right now.. Tru Apple Fan Boy.

  • Cutbait

    Good read