Case-Mate Posted iPhone 5 Case Pictures And Then Deleted Them

Even though the iPhone 5 hasn’t been announced yet, case companies have been designing cases for the iPhone 5 based off of a leaked design document for a while now. The companies that have been manufacturing the cases have been on the smaller side and chances are good that no one has really heard of them – until now. Case-Mate, a fairly large and popular case company, published a page on their site with six different “iPhone 5″ case designs (some of which are pictured above).

Shortly after they posted the pictures, they replaced that page with a sort of “iPhone 5/iPhone 4S case signup” form and some general knowledge about the iPhone 5 (pictured below):

With the iPhone 5 expected to launch sometime in October, it’s not surprise that we’ve started seeing cases for Apple’s unannounced next-generation handset. Stay tuned for more iPhone 5 related news and rumors!

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  • Abdulrocks100

    Tbh those look as if they were itouch4 cases

  • Coolmansonicss

    They need these type of cases for IPT4 ASAP!!

  • You are the best

    it is still there

    • Tanner Marsh

      No, they took them down. They just replaced it with that green iPhone 5/iPhone 4S sign up form. You might have to flush your cache to see the changes.