Apple’s Website Suggests They Will Release A 3G Capable iPod Touch

Over the past couple of weeks, a lot of Apple rumors floating around – specifically ones related to a 3G capable iPod Touch. Until recently, the strongest piece of evidence that suggested this rumor could come true was the “use cellular” toggle for iPod Touches found in iOS 5 b4.

Many people assumed that Apple just made a mistake when the “use cellular” toggle was found in the iPod Touch’s settings app – but, Apple also put up a picture of an iPod Touch with a “3G” logo on the iTunes portion of their website (found at

UPDATE: Apple changed the “3G” logo back to the typical WiFi bars on their website

I think it’s safe to say that Apple wouldn’t make two big mistakes in a row and that the 3G capable iPod Touch will become a reality, so stay tuned for more rumors, news and information!

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