Apple’s Next Generation iPhone (iPhone 5,1) And iPad (iPad 3,3) Are Referenced In iOS 5.1

Yesterday we reported on the new “iPad 2,4″ codename references discovered in iOS 5.1 and today, we have something much bigger than that! It’s been discovered that the next generation iPhone and iPad have also been referenced in iOS 5.1 – they’re codenames are the “iPhone 5,1″ and the “iPad 3,3″!

Judging by what we’ve seen in the past, if the iPhone had a “4,x” in the name, it would only indicate minor changes – however, because it’s dubbed the “iPhone 5,1″, it suggests that we’ll see significant changes in the next-generation iPhone (the same concept applies to the iPad).

With that said, stay tuned for more information related to the next-generation iPhone and iPad.

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  • Cents5787

    Awesome!! cant w8 for it to come out!! JDeGirolamoJr i knew this was coming out so i didnt jump at the 4S, yay, ima get the 5 instead of the 4S!! good thing i waited!!

  • JDeGirolamoJr

    Apple better wait till next summer for the i5… I just got the 4s…

  • Johnlee

    For fuck sakes, can you nerds stop hacking into your iDevice?

    • Lesliecamping

      Why?? It’s really cool and and I couldn’t call them nerds, because nerds are boring and this is interesting!

  • Charlienbailey

    OMG OMG!