Apple’s Growth In The Past Five Years Trumps All Smartphone And Tablet Manufacturers Combined

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According Morgan Keegan’s newly collected data, non-Apple revenue generated from the mobile market (consisting of smartphones and tablets) has remained static over the past five years.

In quarter four of 2007, the revenue generated by the mobile industry was $37.93 billion – but in quarter four of 2011, the revenue generated by the entire industry was a staggering $71.4 billion. However, when Apple’s revenue is subtracted from the entire market’s revenue for quarter four of 2011, the remaining revenue for the entire market (except Apple) is $37.97 billion.

Essentially, Apple’s revenue generated from selling their iPad and iPhone models almost matches the revenue generated by all the other mobile device manufactures combined ($33.5 billion versus $37.97 billion). Additionally, in quarter four of 2011, Apple’s revenue makes up approximately 47 percent of the revenue generated by the entire mobile industry ($71.4 billion).

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Tavis McCourt from Morgan Keegan pointed out that even though Apple is only shipping about 11 percent of the industry’s smartphones and tablets, they’re raking in “over 80 percent of its [the industry's] operating profits”.

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