Apple Will Unveil The iPhone 4S And iPhone 5 In September

Not too long ago, Digitimes reported that manufactures have already begun production for Apple’s next-generation iPhone – which will be unveiled in September and released in October. And now, Macotakara is suggesting that that a modified iPhone 4 (presumably dubbed the iPhone 4S) will be available during that timeframe.

The report doesn’t seem to talk about the iPhone 5 much and it simply says that the release of an iPhone 5 “cannot be confirmed”.  However, Apple could defiantly sell the “iPhone 4S” as an entry-level iPhone to appeal to a wider range of people and, they could sell the iPhone 5 as a higher-end iPhone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem likely that either iPhone will be equipped with Apple’s A6 processor because they have just begun trial production.

Stay tuned for more news related to Apple’s next-generation iPhone!

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  • Metalcabana

    I’m gonna cry. OMG, I CANT WAIT

    • Tanner Marsh

      Ditto :P

  • marcvince

    I bet iphone 4s will be much realistic, iphone 5 might not happen yet., and I bet the next iphone will just have an a5 processor. A6 will be 1st seen on ipad not on iphones.