Apple To Release Redesigned 5th Generation iPad In March Of 2013?

Apple iPad 5 Release Date Information

According to a new report from Macotakara, a Japanese blog, Apple may be on track to release their fifth-generation iPad in March of 2013.

Having just released the fourth-generation iPad almost two months ago, Apple effectively broke their informal yearly refresh cycle for their increasingly popular tablet line. If Macotakara’s intel is accurate, only four or five months will have passed by the time the rebooted iPad is released.

As stated in the Japanese report, the new fifth-generation iPad will adopt a design similar to that of the iPad mini: slimmer, lighter and likely aluminum. The new tablet is expected to measure 4mm, 17mm and 2mm less than the current iPad models in height, width and depth.

Although Macotakara has had a less than pristine record in the past for pre-release Apple device information, they’ve recently provided accurate design details for this year’s iPod nano and iPod touch models. Stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple, their fifth-generation iPad and future iOS-based devices.

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