Apple To Implement Low-Power IGZO Displays Across iPad And iPhone Products Lines In 2013?

iPad 5 iPad mini 2 IGZO Retina display

According to a recent report from DigiTimes, Apple may currently be assessing the logistics of implementing advanced IGZO displays across their iPad, iPad mini and iPhone product lines for 2013.

Recently, there have been rumors of Apple exploiting IGZO technology to bring a display that’s worthing of being deemed “Retina” to Apple’s new iPad mini tablet. In addition to offering increased pixel density, IGZO displays boast lower power consumption, improved touch recognition and perform overall superior in comparison to alternate technologies.

IGZO also allows the glass bezel or edge of the display to be thinner, which is ideal for smaller devices like the iPad mini and its already-reduced side bezel. As for the full sized iPad, a tablet that has actually increased in size from the second generation to the third and fourth generation models, the more advanced IGZO display would, in theory, allow for a reduction in thickness. The third-generation iPad was originally increased in thickness and weight to accommodate a larger battery for the power-hungry Retina display.

Recent rumors already suggest that both the second-generation Retina iPad mini and fifth-generation iPad are in development stages. Could the two next-generation iPad devices rely on IGZO technology to decrease thickness and weight, while simultaneously allowing for a higher pixel density? Stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple and their future iOS-based devices.

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