Apple Starts Shipping New 27-Inch iMac Models

Apple Starts Shipping New 2102 27-Inch iMac Models

According to several MacRumors forum members, customers who ordered 27-inch iMac models early enough have noticed that their credit and debit cards have been charged and their order status has changed to “Preparing for Shipment”. Alternatively, customers who recently placed their orders have reported their status as “Processing” and the estimated shipping timeframe as December 21st through the 31st.

In addition to updating the order status, Apple notes that orders can no longer be changed or canceled and are in the final process before the computers are sent to delivery couriers.

In a quick update, MacRumors reported that certain customers’ orders have already begun shipping with estimated delivery dates as early as December 13th through the 18th. Stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple’s iMac and for an unboxing video once we receive our unit.

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