Apple Mistakenly Reveals Official iPhone 5 Name, LTE Capabilities And New iPod Updates

Apple Mistakenly Reveals Official iPhone 5 Name, LTE Capabilities And New iPod Updates According to MacRumors, with only a couple of hours left until Apple’s highly anticipated media event, it seems Apple has prematurely revealed the official name of the main device to be revealed today: the iPhone 5.

A simple search for “iphone-5″ on Apple’s official site yields four results that blatantly refer to upcoming iPhone 5. However, while the links appear in the search results, (once they’re clicked on or entered into the URL field of a browser) the site will return a 404 “Page Not Found” error. That’s simply because the pages aren’t live yet, but they’re still propagating through Apple’s search.

Apple iPhone 5 4G LTE ready

Additionally, similar searches have revealed that the next iPhone will indeed feature LTE technology and that Apple will also unveil new updates to the iPod touch and iPod nano.

UPDATE: Apple has since buried a few of the indicating pages in a mass of results.

With this extra insight, stay tuned for live coverage on what will undoubtedly be Apple’s biggest event of the year.

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  • stephen durbin

    yep ive seen the links

  • Robert

    Still think it WILL NOT be called the iPhone 5. Makes 0 Sense.

    • Jim


      iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS
      iPhone 4, iPhone 4S
      iPhone 5, iPhone ?

  • LarsReusseau

    Its not mistakingly if its on the invitation..

    • Tanner Marsh

      Numerous sources, not including BestTechInfo, suggested it has the “5″ on it to indicate 5 new products.