Apple Reportedly Testing ‘Touch On Display’ Technology For The iPhone 5S

iPhone 5 Release Date Touch On DisplayAs recently reported by The China Times, a popular Chinese news site, Apple may be planning to adopt screens that utilize “Touch on Display” technology for iPhone. The display panels are said to be in the testing phase at the moment and will hopefully be ready for implementation in their next-generation iPhone.

Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 5, is built with a display that utilizes in-cell technology and has been known to experience issues with recognizing numerous diagonal swiping motions in rapid succession. It’s quite possible that this is the primary reason Apple is looking into alternate technologies.

The China Times has a similar theory suggesting that Apple will switch display types due to various interference issues and the overall slow response speed of the touch panels used for the iPhone 5.

As of now, there isn’t a plethora of information available for the “Touch On Display” technology that Apple will likely switch to – the displays are said to have improved optical performance and a thin profile, measuring at approximately 0.5mm.

Recently, rumors pertaining to the next-generation iPhone, which will presumably be dubbed the iPhone 5S, have surfaced: from reports of a summer release date to next-generation iPhone references discovered by a developer. As we slowly approach the inevitable unveiling of Apple’s seventh generation iPhone, stay tuned for complete coverage.

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