Apple Releases Two New iPhone 4S Commercials Highlighting Siri: ‘Road Trip’ And ‘Rock God’

There’s no questioning whether or not the introduction of Siri was a game-changer in the smartphone industry. Since Siri made its first public debut alongside the iPhone 4S, Apple’s iPhone commercials have tended to gravitate around their game-changing blockbuster personal assistant.

It’s been about five months since Apple released the iPhone 4S and their marketing tactics haven’t changed much. Apple just released two new commercials that are primarily centered around Siri.

Stay tuned for more Apple related news and coverage on future Apple commercials.

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  • Matias MC

    Has anyone noticed that ALL iPhone 4s commercials are about Siri?

    • Heojy0610

      well there’s nothing different with the 4 and 4s except siri and faster speeds so..

      • Jonathan Apple Rosello


      • Tanner Marsh

        That’s basically what I said in the article :D