Apple Quickly Selling Out Of Initial iPad Mini Pre-Order Stock

Jailbreak iPad mini stock selling out

Early this morning, at 12am Pacific time (1pm Eastern), Apple started taking pre-orders for the brand new iPad mini and 4th Generation iPad. Less than 20 minutes after pre-orders started, the shipping dates for the white Wi-Fi iPad mini models were pushed back to “2 weeks” instead of stating that the device will be delivered on November 2nd.

However, despite the obvious supply constraints, it’s hard to determine whether the demand is high and Apple has enough stock to fulfill orders or if the demand is relatively low in comparison to other iOS-based devices. Seeing as Apple’s online stores for other countries besides the United States listed the white iPad mini models with a “2 week” shipping timeframe from the beginning, it’s likely the latter.

Of course, Apple retail stores will receive a decent sized shipment of various iPad mini models on launch day, so if you want a white iPad mini next Friday, it would likely behoove you to wait in line at a retail location. Moreover, retail carriers will also offer Wi-Fi + Cellular model iPad minis, but their shipments won’t arrive until mid-November.

Stay tuned for complete coverage on both Apple and their new iPad mini and 4th Generation iPad.

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  • Natrexify

    Soon iPad mini i can have you, but first iPod Touch 5G iCu

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    Great video, thanks iCu!
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    I wish. Got one but no money ATM so I entered comp

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      Best of luck!

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  • Weesito

    I preordered a black and slate 16gb wifi model. I’m pretty excited to receive it.

    • Tanner Marsh

      Same, I also ordered the black model!

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        i decided to order the full sized ipad