Apple Officially Confirms iPhone 5 Unveiling Event: September 12

Apple Officially Confirms iPhone 5 Unveiling EventToday, according to The Loop, Apple sent out invitations to a upcoming media event scheduled for next week on Wednesday, September 12th. The event is set to be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California and will commence at 10:00 AM Pacific time (1:00 PM Eastern).

The invitation, embedded above, features the following simple and concise tagline: “It’s almost here”. Curiously enough, the shadow of the number 12 unnaturally forms what appears to be the number 5, as the top section of the 1 isn’t present and the gap between the two numbers is partially shaded in.

Apple is, of course, expected to unveil the next-generation iPhone and demonstrate iOS 6′s finalized features during the event. While rumors have suggested that Apple will also utilize this September event to announce an “iPad Mini”, recently reports have taken a different approach on analyzing the event. It’s said that next week’s event will be solely for revealing the new iPhone and that a separate media event will be held in October (similar to years past).

With the blatant and obvious “5″ formed in the shadow of the invitation, Apple not so subtly suggests that the next iPhone will indeed be dubbed the iPhone 5 – a controversial topic, seeing as it’s the sixth-generation device. Stay tuned for complete and live coverage on next week’s iPhone 5 unveiling event!

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  • Braedon Crowder

    Yea that’s odd

  • Seif Bahgat

    hi, can we watch the event on tv and which channel if that ?????????

  • rob897

    Also i think this “5″ could mean 5 years of iPhone.

  • rob897

    have apple mentioned this on there site at all? can’t seem to find it.

  • Kevin Griego

    If you count the iPhones (iPhone[1], iPhone 2[2], iPhone 3G[3], iPhone 3GS[4], iPhone 4[5], iPhone 4S[6]) there has actually already been 6 generations. The release of the iPhone 5 would make it the 7th iPhone. Unless I’m miss understanding the meaning of the word “generation”.

    • Kevin Griego

      And I can almost guarantee that it will not be bug free and there will eventually be an iPhone 5G/5S within the year the 5 is released.

    • Tanner Marsh

      Sorry to say this, but, you’re wrong… There was never an iPhone 2! The original iPhone was often referred to as the iPhone 2G because of it’s Edge (pre-3G) data connection.

      1. iPhone
      2. iPhone 3G
      3. iPhone 3GS
      4. iPhone 4
      5. iPhone 4S

      Here’s some additional information, if you need it:

  • CACAW!!!


  • farrii

    really excited about the event

    • Tanner Marsh